Middle Child Press FINALLY Releases Its First Book

For immediate release

Independent Publisher Releases Debut Anthology

November 23, 2010

U.S.A - After many long weeks of writing, promoting, editing, spending, and painting, Middle Child Press is proud to present its very first eBook, The Sultry Court Anthology, Vol. 1, available from the Middle Child Press eBookstore.

Penned by the ladies of MCP's Sultry Court, the book is filled with sensuous, pretty, dirty things to tempt and lure readers away from everday life...if only for a moment.

Enter the forbidden halls of the Court, where abstinence is strictly verboten.
Don't forget, this book features "Lovesick", our first ever Blasian erotic story.


  1. Hot Damn! There it is. How exciting.

  2. *nods* Seven months or so in the making.

    I was initially slated to contribute a sizzling Blasian piece to this anthology, but alas...my schedule did not permit.

  3. Congrats! Looking forward to reading!

  4. Thanks for supporting us! There is one Blasian story, so we hope it meets with your approval. But regardless, we at MCP sincerely hope that you enjoy the book as a whole and maybe find a favorite Lady to identify with.

  5. @ Ankh
    It does! Of course, certain words I didn't like were in there (ones that annoy), but the whole book is good and I was able to continue on with the story tuning out or replacing the words I didn't like.I loved the whole book! When's th next one? Please let it be an E-book too.

  6. @ DN

    All our books will be eBooks - thank you so much for your purchase.

    And feel free - we try stay in touch with our target audience (WoC) so let me know what you did and didn't like. Email me personally if you feel shy.

    Thanks, again!!!


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