Minjae Lee

I came across these amazing drawings of African women by South Korean artist Minjae Lee and thought I'd share them here. Lee's works are pretty amazing and I love how realistic the women in his paintings look, their eyes are so expressive.

One question though does this qualify as Blasian art??

Source: afrokletic, The Cool Hunter


  1. Do you have any more like these? Because he seems to draw mostly white women.

    Granted, he's gifted - incredibly so. But I don't think we're his focus.

  2. Ankh,

    I was so thrilled to find these images but sadly I can't find more of African women. You're right we're not his focus, most of his drawings are of white women.

  3. Damn, he's talented though! I typed in his name, and there seemed to be no shortage of people fangirling him.

  4. I feel the same! And a thought sort of planted itself in my head but what if for some reason his drawings of African women are not online? I mean excluding these two. I'm having trouble accessing his site here but have you paid his webpage a visit?

  5. Yes. His page is a bit complicated to access, because there's so much programming (music, animation, etc.) but hon...it doesn't get any better. All I could see were these two.

  6. When I saw the first drawing, Zoe Saldana instantly came to mind. From there, I began to chuckle because it immediately brought to mind all of the Trek fans who insisted that she had so many non-black features. Yeah, right.

    These drawings are amazing. Thank you for bringing them to us.

  7. i wouldn't call this "blasian art"... i'd call it a "blasian experiment" or a "blasian excursion". why? because he clearly cares a LOT more about white chicks.

  8. Shame, isn't it? That there are only these two?

  9. @Hateya

    You're welcome! I never got people trying to point out how some Black people have non-black features, as fas as I'm concerned those are just small-minded people ignoring the diversity of African features and looks.


    I'm still holding out some hope that a huge stack of potraits with Black women by Minjae is hidden somewhere. I get you though, blasian experiment it is!


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