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One of the reasons we're all here on a blog that's getting around 18,000 views per month is that we all LOVED Ninja Assassin (Happy 1-Year Anniversary, by the way!!!).  And we loved it for two main reasons: Rain and Naomie Harris.  Needless to say, we've given His Unbearable Sexiness plenty of well-deserved adulation.  But I think we need to worship a little more at the altar of Her Ethereal Gloriousness, because Naomie Harris strikes me as being such a darling.  She's sweet, she's classy, she's a total darling!  She conducts herself like a lady, which is her sexiest quality (to me).  She doesn't feel the need to do anything dumb for attention or validation, and thus she represents black women very well in Hollywood.

I first fell in love with her as Selena in 28 Days Later.  Our "meeting" was accidental; I used to be a huge fan of Cillian Murphy, and I learned he was going to be in this opposite a love interest played by a "Naomie Harris."  To be honest, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Eh, another white chick."  And then...I saw.

She was bad-ass; for those of you who haven't seen the film, she got to kill zombies.  She was sexy, with her British punk-rock, rebel hair  and accent (and her trusty machete).  She got the guy (Cillian, no less).  When he came back from a suicide mission (I think), and they passionately kissed while he reassured her in his Irish brogue, I had to pause...sip champagne, pour a splash for the homies who ain't with us no more...and give this diva her goddamn due.

I adored Naomie as Tia Dalma/Calypso in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.  I actually plan to go as Tia Dalma one of these Halloweens - the dark makeup and outfit were just wicked sexy...and you can't go wrong with Jamaican patois.

I really liked that she played a sea goddess bound in human form, and that it was for her love that an embittered and broken Davy Jones cut out his own heart.  I also liked how Jack Sparrow tried to hog her attentions, and how she's the only ex-lover of his to whom he shows any kind of respect. Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom had nothing on the Calypso/Davy Jones & Tia Dalma/Jack Sparrow dynamics.

And about the patois...Naomie's mastery was flawless, which makes sense, considering her family's originally from Jamaica.

The role of Mika Coretti in Ninja Assassin wasn't Naomie's best role per se, but as usual it was a great performance.  I suspect that in addition to turning Mika from white to black, there were other last minute changes.  And in a film where a good plot isn't the point, "last minute changes" often spell doom.

Nevertheless, I think this dark English dame did her character's American accent very well.  I'm glad that she wasn't helpless; I never got tired of seeing her unchain/untie Raizo (oooh...my fanfiction pygmy sense tingled), and I liked how she used her imagination (tracking device, anyone?).  Not to mention, her character was brave.  I don't think I could've done all the kick-ass things she did if I knew the Nine Clans were gunning slicin' for Moi.  I think I would've hyperventilated myself into a coma the moment Ryan handed me a gun and told me to get out of town.

But enough about Moi...what about you all?  When did you first "fall in love" with Naomie, and what was it about her role you liked best?


  1. DEFINITELY as Tia Dalma!!! I thought, "I want to be a woman like her" in the sense of making men DYING to give me their hearts, but not in a cruel sadistic sort of way. She's so free, and yet there's almost something cruel about her, because in the end, while isn't supposed to, she DOES harbor feelings for her scorned lover. Plus, she's a GODDESS, and she's hands down, the most powerful being in ALLLLLL of the Pirates of the Caribbean series! She's such a driving force; I love Naomie's films, and like I said, I only went for the sake of seeing Rain in Ninja Assassin originally, and thought, "Meh. Whatever."

    And then when I saw Naomie, I practically flipped out of my seat. I was like, "I KNOW THAT ACTRESS!!!! AND OMFG SHE'S BLACK!!!!!!!!!!! (not like I didn't know that she wasn't black in Pirates, but just stunned the casted her in a role originally given to a white woman, and THANK GOD FOR THAT CHANGE.)

    She's such a wonderful actress and I love that she represents the good and positive in black actresses, instead of some of these classless "housewives" nonsense. She doesn't let the fame go to her head, she is RESPECTABLE, and she carries herself extremely well. I'm so glad she never degrades herself as we often see black women do.

    She eternally has my respect and adoration, hands down. <3

  2. I first saw her in "28 Days Later" as Selena and have been a fan ever since. It was one of her best roles. She took charge in that film, yet was also vulnerable. I find that Naomie brings an intelligence and depth to all she does. I truly love her as an actress.

  3. I only saw pieces of 28 days later. I remember her in it, but don't know if I knew her name at the time. The first time I saw her was in The Tomorrow People I didn't even realize it was her in Pirates of the Caribbean, I watched it many times. Heck my brother didn't even know till I told him after I found out.

    I was happy to see her in Ninja assassin. I didn't go for her, I went because I wanted to see ninjas. Rain and Naomi were a huge bonus. Heck, I had been listening to Rain's music for years and didn't even recognize him till the very end of the movie when they showed his name. During the movie i was like NINJAS YEAH! OOooooo He's hot. NINJAS YEAH. Still hot, who are you? Bi? ... Holy Shit it's Rain?! Really?
    ... Is he legal?

  4. In 28 day she was badass that movie spooked the hell out of me though lol. By the way I love Cillian Murphy but thats a whole different topic. Loved her in Pirates of the Caribbean too she had those men spellbound. I was happy when I saw she would be paired with Rain in Ninja Assassin their chemistry was off the chain but I will admit im still butthurt about them not having a love scene together.

  5. Tia Dalma. Hands down. No contest.

    "I had to pause...sip champagne, pour a splash for the homies who ain't with us no more...and give this diva her goddamn due."

    Couldn't have said it better myself. *pours out a little Moscato in honor of the homies...*

    The one scene where you knew Mika started out as white was when she went into the darkened building. I mean, I know she wouldn't have come face to face with Raizo if she didn't, but unless I have missed something, black folk don't do ish like that.

  6. The one scene where you knew Mika started out as white was when she went into the darkened building. I mean, I know she wouldn't have come face to face with Raizo if she didn't, but unless I have missed something, black folk don't do ish like that.

    *nods* Word.

  7. My mind is blown.
    I didn't know it was her who played Selena in 28 Days Later! I love that character, always loved the fact that for once the woman is not the whiny type. And look how fast the character of Cillian Murphy falls for her... Now that's what I call a great "love" story.
    I like Naomie even more now that I know that! Thanks Ankh.

  8. "28 Days Later" is what made me fall in love with her when I was just 13. I had seen trailers-faithfully watched them load slowly over DSL just so I could see her- and then went out and rented it, even though I was terrified of scary movies. When I saw it, saw her be a BAMF and get the guy-she saved his life!- I fell in love with Naomie Harris and try and support all her works.

    She is great in BBC produced works, shining brightly in the Afro-British experience in "White Teeth" and "Small Island". I highly recommend both and they're both on youtube!!!
    (Small Island: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSpa7g_08w4
    White Teeth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYykls0-KDo)
    Plus, You can hear her lovely Jamaican accent in both :D Rock on with the Naomie Harris Love :D

  9. Thanks, Bcbgrl33!!! We always welcome links on Miss Thang, here!!!!

  10. What's your favorite Naomie role, Cinnamon?

  11. @Ankh

    Honestly, I don't really have one, but if I had to pick, I'd say 28 Days Later.

  12. 28 days spoiler!
    I was really impressed by that role because usually the black character dies but she was the survivor.

  13. She really is a good actress. I see Mika Coretti and don't think "Tia Dalma." I see Tia Dalma and can't believe "Selena."

    Seeing how she whooped ass in 28 Days Later, I'm kinda disappointed she didn't get to hackin' in Ninja Assassin.

  14. Tia Dalma, Tia Dalma, TIA DALMA!! I love her role as the sea goddess in POTC! She is so amazing, especially because she has the accent. Tia Dalma is a really cool character!!


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