Park Hyo Shin: The Panty Dropper

I promised Ankh that I would share my treasures and not keep them to myself. So, I am sharing someone that I hold in great regard. You see, I am a demanding woman. I expect a lot from talented people. Settling for less is a serious problem for me, because I am particular about the artists I support. The list in K-Pop is very short and Mr. Park is in my top 5.

I dig Grown Men. Let me say this again...Grown Men. Park Hyo Shin is an incredible vocalist with a voice rich, deep and nuanced. Not only is his instrument ridiculous, he is stunning to look at. The fact that a Man with his unique talents, flies under the radar in K-Pop, angers me to no end.

Check out Mr. Park singing Luther Vandross' cover of The Carpenters' "Superstar." If Luther were still alive (may he rest in peace) and had seen this performance, he would be pleased. Normally, I'd scoff at anyone who would try and cover his music, but Mr. Park is the exception in every way.

I loathe his styling in this video, so just keep your eyes on his most recent photo at the beginning of the post. Why is he so fly Lord? Why?


  1. @ Cinnamon - LMAO! Anything to say about his vocal performance? LOL

  2. And they say full Asian men are not attractive. BAH!

  3. Omg I love love LOVE Hyo-Shin <3
    Grandma says he sounds like the asian Bery White xD

    His voice is powerful. So deep and smooth, the voice time I heard him I was so moved I didn't realize I was tearing up until the song had ended. I have at least 2 of his albums. There is not a single sing this man can't sing. Great taste you've got in kpop ^_^ and I am so with you on the fact that he's u der the radar. I really just wanna kick the shallow f&$^* kpop industry and their shallow fans -__-

  4. Lol stupid typos! I give up trying to control this iPod o.0

  5. How DID this yummy man manage to hide from us all this time?!?!?!
    Especially with that VOICE?? Love him!!!

    @Lenoxave: Where can I download his albums??? I haven't heard any GOOD artists who actually SING without autotune in awhile.

  6. can't watch right now cause I'm at work but LMAO @ the title. I admit it got my attention.

  7. @moowaker
    You can find his disco at asti2005@livelournal.com

    Se usually has some amazing taste so check out tag lustful the right side. She has discographies listed. You might find somethingbof interest under her hiphop collection. There are often some r&b artists in there. She also makes posts about her recommendations in certain genre's. Jut check itbout, you'll find a LOT of underappreciated artists there ^_^

  8. Mmmm. *nods* Grown indeed.

    Lawd hammercy.

  9. I am speechless...He is beyond good. *favorited and like on Youtube*

  10. @leo

    and what is a "full asian" exactly? curious...

  11. Avastacia said:


    and what is a "full asian" exactly? curious...

    I change my mind. Screw my last couple of comments. *delete*

    Avastacia: Let this be the last time you post a comment like that. I've tolerated the borderline snark for some time now, but it wears thin. You're not funny, or witty, or keeping us on our toes, or whatever else you erroneously think you're accomplishing with these little quips and jabs you think you're slipping by us.

    Don't post back with your usual "LOL" bullshit, either. You're not good at backpaddling. While we're on the subject, don't respond to this warning - period. If so much as smell anymore unnecessary sarcasm/instigation in your future comments, I'm just going to start deleting.

    This ends now.

    If anyone else is considering pulling an Avastacia - don't even think about it. If I see a rise in these types of comments, I'll switch on moderation faster than you can say, "Um...fuck you."

    Understood? Good...let's get back to enjoying and learning, please.

  12. I am pleasantly surprised by his performance, even though his girly getup was distracting. He should stick to the look he has in the first picture. Those vocals, though...Amazing.

  13. @ leoprincess

    And they say full Asian men are not attractive. BAH!

    Understood completely, and co-signed all the way. Holla.

  14. @Kenji:
    Thanks sooooo much! It's time for some rejuvenation for my iPod!!!

    Double co-sign. Haters can take that and shove it.
    And I can't help but think of Sexy, as DN calls Rain-Oppa haha.

  15. Girl..this thread is properly named. The second I heard his voice I wanted to take my panties OFF. Amazing. Thanks! I'm definitely going to check him out.

  16. *Bows down with respect* I thought Hyo Shin Park was my sweet secret. You ladies are obviously my kind of gals. Loved hyo shin Park ever since I watched his " A Good Person" on K-Jam count down waaay back when I was 14! Glad to see he's still doing his thing.

  17. Let's try this one last time. My house, my rules. Administrator = Moi.

    Anyone who has trouble following the rules & wants to argue with me about them = someone who simply doesn't need to be here.

    How do you know if that's you?

    1) If you're quibbling with Moi about commenting.
    2) Everyone else seems to be doing just fine EXCEPT for you.

  18. OMFG. *gasp*

    Vocals... CHECK. Looks... CHECK. Hotness quota... effing CHECK.

    Where is that voice coming from? My brain has caught fire and so have my undies.

    You have done the world a service. Thank you!

  19. @Lenoxave

    I couldn't get past the picture the first time! LOL! Yes, Mr. Thang is the truth! Not everyone can do Luther, but damn, he did it justice. And that song is one of my favorites too. Ain't nothin' sexier than a man who can sing like that!

  20. Omg where has this guy been hiding lol. This is where the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" comes into play, because when I saw that matador outfit I was expecting some mess. Then he opened that mouth and I was mesmerized.No wonder you call him the panty dropper I was just about to drop mines lol. This man's voice brought chills down my spine aint nothing like a man who can sing. Im offically a fan,thanks for sharing.

  21. No argument here, Park Hyo Shin is an absolutely amazing singer and sexy as hell. I read the policy but still don't know if I'm allowed to post this here, but for anyone who might be interested, we have lots of info and pics and streaming video links from the ever-so-sexy HyoShin over at the Only HyoShin International Forum at http://www.parkhyoshin.co.nr/

  22. @ reddrogue

    Welcome, boo. Don't worry; if man's got us all salivating, extra pix & info are automatically welcome.

  23. Hot Dayum that man is sexy! My panties didn't drop so much as vaporize to nothingness as soon as he opened his mouth, I think I swooned a bit.

    As if being that high caliber of eye candy wasn't enough. If I hadn't already been sitting down I would have ended up on my hind-parts anyway.

    Random question, WTH was his costume designer smoking when she/he chose that outfit for that man?!?

  24. Hell my mother even loves this brotha! Park Hyo Shin is one in a million! You can't get that raw, natural soul unless it's in you. There's no faking it. He needs to be a household name worldwide! Yes, his stylist are aweful! He's a down to earth brotha with some serious swag about him and they play it down which pisses me off! He's looking GOOD in the military right now and still singing in the entertainment dept. I have to listen to his songs daily. THAT'S how good he is!

    1. He does have confidence and it all gets downplayed. O have no idea why, but there you have it. He should be out of the military soon right?

  25. His voice is really amazing. He looked like he was channeling Prince circa '88 (During his 'Lovesexy' tour) in that oufit!

  26. So glad to see Park Hyo Shin working his magic! He is amazing. You must check YT for his cover of Luther's 'I'd Rather'......yeah I would!!. I just have to add that I met him this past summer...he is seriously handsome.
    Can you believe he says at one time he hated his voice?

  27. First of all, thank you for sharing this amazing video performance from Park Hyo-Shin nim. I have not been a fan for very long, but I now have 35 songs down-loaded from iTunes.(credit card is smoking). Yes, I agree that mature Asian men like PHS are gorgeous. I am an older fan, but, none-the-less a fan. I also wonder why he has had so little publicity and exposure in Korea and the United States. I hope his career skyrockets now that he is back in the civilian world. Kamsahamnida, Park Hyo-Shin, for hours of listening pleasure..♥♥♥

  28. Oh, this is just what the doctor ordered. The picture piqued my interest, you could say (trying to be ladylike). The sparkly lace getup is a mess. He is a full grown man like K-pop hasn't seen since Sexy went to the military. I like a boytoy guy like Taemin, sure. But those kids... they just can't compete with this. There is NOTHING like a real man. Mmmmmmmm.

    Now you can't tell me that Hallyu isn't gunning for black women's dollars, having this fine man with THAT VOICE singing Luther Vandross!

    And it worked lol!!!!Off to I-tunes I go! I have been needing some music like this for a good long while.

    You know who else has serious vocal skills that put a chill down my spine (but is not eye candy) Shin Yong Jae. He can really really sing! Talent. It's good stuff.

  29. I got to see him live! ... Didn't I tell you about that?


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