See, Zambia? Gabon Has Her Ish Together

Here at the Narrative, we are staunch, hell-or-highwater supporters of Sino-African relations.  They would have to go horribly wrong before we withdrew our endorsement and simply stuck to promoting run-of-the-mill Blasian loving.  That said, whether we like it or not, there is that potential.

I previously expressed some blinding fever mild distress at the Zambian government's delay in action when 11 unarmed Zambian citizens were shot by two of their Chinese employers.  Shot.  As in bullets.  As in hospitalization.

Meanwhile, Gabon is flat-out deporting white folks for being racist.  Um...hint, much?

The Narrative tips its hat and curtsies to the Gabonese for their newfound zero tolerance for racism.  We whole-heartedly recommend that all other nations in Africa follow in Gabon's footsteps, and make absolutely no exceptions for anyone.

*pops champagne in honor of Gabon*


  1. *grabs a flute and raises for a toast*

    The Zambian government should be taking notes!

  2. All hail Gabon! The don't plya that.

  3. *bows to the masters* Hail Gabon, indeed.

  4. okay... these whites MUST have balls of steel!! how DARE they go to SOMEONE ELSE'S COUNTRY and STILL treat them like sh*t?! what kinda crap is that?! how can you treat the natives in such a way in their own country?! some white people, i believe, are truly crazy/insane. if those same blacks had treated those whites like that in THEIR country/countries all HELL would break loose! that outdated 'we rule/own the world" mentality has GOT to go! ugh...

  5. eye to eye Avastacia, glad Gabon isn't taking no mess


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