B-b-b-but Ninja Assassin already did that

...and I have a feeling they did it better.

There's been a lot of buzz amongst the netizens about The Warrior's Way (2010).  The YouTube comments are rife with sarcasm.  To the peeps at IMDB, this movie didn't come out fast enough.  Meanwhile...over at Rotten Tomatoes....

I'm going to watch this film (hopefully this weekend), and it'll pretty much be for the same reason non-Blasians watch Ninja Assassin; after all, didn't that plot sound familiar to any of you?  Bad-ass ninja, blah blah, unrivaled assassin, blah blah, Favorite Son, blah blah, refuses to kill helpless person, is exiled/hunted by his "family"?  Does that sound familiar to any of you at all?

I've been watching a lot more TV lately and I haven't seen a whole lot of TV spots for this film - with Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush, no less!  The last time we saw Rush in a major film, there were TV spots everywhere!

But anywho, I'm writing to say this film was sorely wasted on a non-Blasian pairing.  While I know many Asian guys will disagree with that statement, not many white women will.  Hollywack's #1 priority is "what white people want to see".  White people don't want to watch a AM/WW pairing.  *shakes heads*  Remember how well Kiss of the Dragon worked out?  How about Tekken?  For fuck's sake...I feel like it's been in my Netflix Saved Section with an "Unknown" status for so long it's growing cyber mold.  And as leoprincess pointed out, they cast a really vanilla-flavored Asian guy for that one.  Not to mention Ian Anthony Dale in that motionless, passionless joke of a threesome.

Over a year after its release, Ninja Assassin is a still hot topic amongst black women.  For the love of God...friggin' Romeo Must Die came out ten years ago and POC are still talking about that ish.  One month from now, which white women do you know will be fangirling Warrior's Way?  How many of them remember Kiss of the Dragon?  And what about Tekken?

*snort* Come on...inquiring pygmies want to know!

I now leave you with a fun challenge, Narrators (Oh, snap!  Gonna keep using it!).  In your comments, briefly rewrite the plot of this film to include a Blasian pairing instead.  Don't forget to include the name (and a pic link) to a black actress you think would be perfect for Yang.


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  2. Damn, girl! Brief! I said "brief"!

    When did you have time to think of all this? I just left!

  3. So...who would play Tenryu? Link, please!

  4. Dude, I didn't even remember Kiss of the Dragon - and I have melanin to spare!

    *goes back to read Kurosune-hime's plot*

  5. Ok, all read! Now I want a movie, damn it!

    Oh...I also suggest you copyright this just in case some Hollywood vultures are lurking.

  6. I suggest you copy write AND sell that plot to a film company, cause even if it's an indie or even low budget movie, that plot is too damn good to not be absolutely LOVED. that was pure genius. And what makes it even greater was the their no mercy merciful relationship. There are just no words to describe how awesome this is. I absolutely love endings like that. Reminds Ne of house of flying daggers and old boy ^__^

  7. @Moi: Lol, sorry, but it was so hard to try and fit all of that into just 4000 words! :) And I really just thought of it off the top of my head; I took the idea from an original story I'd already been writing, spun it so that it suit this better, and soon, it became a completely different story, I'm proud to say. I might just make this story along with my own, "Kuro No Kunoichi".

    But, give me an idea and I can certainly make it into a story! Lol! My teachers used to HATE that about me! XDD

    Oh, also! I could see Tatyana Ali playing Tenryu. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatyana_Ali

    @citeseein: Thank you very much! <3

    @leoprinces: Thank you as well! I'll be sure to copyright it! <3

    (In fact...)

    The following works posted above by me, Jaqui Cottrell (aka Kurosune-hime), is copyrighted as thus: © Jaqui Cottrell, 2010. Any piece of it that is copy or distributed without my permission will incur a hefty fine, as well as dire legal action. Thank you.

    Kenji: You're such a love!!! Really! Thank you! <3

  8. Kurosune-hime you are a prolific writer!

  9. Um wow, Kurosune you better take this down, flush out the nitty gritty, and submit to some agencies. The plot is ON POINT. I thought I was literally reading the movie plot to the video posted above LOL.

    Simply amazing.

  10. ^^ Also, start working on your web presence. Get yourself a domain and make it nice. If you don't know how to do it, I"m sure you can find some tech savvy teenager willing to do it for about $100 or less lol. Just make it something specifically for your writing so that you can gathering a following. I"m sure most ladies (& men) here would love to join.

    I haven't read your other writing, but it seems to me that you have a promising future!!! :)

  11. Girl....this NEEDS to become a movie, we will RIOT if it doesn't! You know you have great potential!!! So proud of you!!! ;)

  12. LOL - has she scared you guys off? Does no one else wish to make an attempt?

    Come on, Narrators. Gauntlet's been thrown, ball's in your court, and this post ain't goin' nowhere.

    Keep it brief!!!

  13. @ Ankh - I only have an idea for a ninja and a dominatrix - and it's a comedy. That wouldn't apply here. XD I'll leave this for those with the knack for it.

  14. Kurosune That should be the movie lol. That right there was epic. Im so glad you talked about the movie Moi when I saw the trailer for it all I could think was "I wonder what Moi thinks about this." Keep it up.

  15. Dude, I didn't even remember Kiss of the Dragon - and I have melanin to spare!

    That's what I'm sayin'!!! You wanna know I remembered that ish? I recently ordered new bookshelves to organize my books and DVDs and found an ancient copy of this flick gathering dust.

  16. That is Awesome Kurosune.


    I would do it for free.

  17. I would take you up on this challenge, but when I write stories they have a tendency of turning out really weird and twisted and just...weird because I have to throw some element in there that makes people go, "Huh?"

    Like now, I saw this post and then heard on the radio yesterday (Warren Ballentine if you were wondering) about a School Board Shooting in Florida and the guy spraying a V for Vendetta symbol in the meeting and then there's this creep-ass security guard that seems intent on stalking *me* for some DAMN reason, and now I'm writing a story that pertains to magic realism, the disenchanted youth of America between the ages of 16 - 25 years, and the main character's quest (and, of course, the main character looks like Rain - only with glasses because I LOVE it Rain puts on his glasses; he reminds me of the fiance like that...*sigh*) to figure out what it means to be a hero. Yeah, my mind goes to weird places.

    So, now that I'm looking back at the challenge and my brain cells (which killed themselves after watching the !FAIL! that was Tekken) are struggling to revive themselves, but are only REALLY succeeding in being zombified remains of my once amazing brain are screaming, "BUT WE'RE ALREADY WORKING ON FIVE PROJECTS NOW!!!"

    And I wrote all that to say: I'll post something WAAAAAAY later.

  18. I'll post something WAAAAAAY later.

    It's been way later. Hook the Narrators up!!!


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