Blasian Couple/Comic Story Interest

I wanted to know id you guys were interested? This story has been in the works for a long time now, over ... hmmm I am not even sure how many years it has been now, three or four years.

Two of the leads are in a Blasian relationship (BW/AM), always have been, never thought much about it. I never realized it was rare, until talking to you guys.

**Update 2** I figured I should put more on their personalities and the story.**

**Update 3**Character Sketch of Yuukihiro (Jiwoo) and Callisto (Chante) -- I don't know how to do that fancy thingy.

Let me stress this again. They NEVER use their real names. E V E R, except maybe one time out the whole story.

I had full pics of the two, but I need to redraw them since I have no clue where my external hard drive is hidden.

Here is a little bit of the summary:

They are highly trained individuals and the best at what they do (Jack of all trades). There are 4 of them. The group is referred to as "The Lords". Strange phenomena has been happening around the world and in during one of their jobs it hit the fan and knocks them out for a predetermined amount of time. Flash forward to the future where they wake up and the world has changed. They have changed too.

The Lords: Vixen, Reynard, Skrrl (Vixen's best friend, considered family) and Ingram (Reynard best friend).

These are not their real names. In the new world, you do not use your real name or give you real name to just anyone. They will have complete power over you.

Here a the avatars I use for them (place markers). One of them is where he convinced her to braid his hair. It's for the main part of the story and its them with their respective weapons.

Name: Vixen (not real name)
Race: African-American
Height: 5'8
"She can find information on anything and you would never know she was there."
Personality: "I have an allergy to stupid people. Ti causes me to ignore, reticule, put in their place, or beat sense into whomever aggravates that allergy. What I beat you with is whatever I decide to pick up, which means whatever is near me. God, or whomever yo pray to, help you if you are that person."
Weapons: Taekwondo and Scythe

Name: Reynard (not real name)
Nickname: Rey (by Callisto)
Race: Korean
Height: 6'1
Weapons: Double sided halberd
"No one knows what he can do, but you would never know he was there, if he doesn't want you to know."
Personality: He LOVES to mess with people, seriously. Hates stereotypes.

Favorite Quote(s) from him so far:

(Shopping for the "I totally F*cked up with all capitals, I am so sorry, please forgive/don't kill me gift. - after he said the wrong thing to his girlfriend without thinking about it - hint: slave girl/master)

Reynard: Yes, you can get someone who knows what the f*ck they are talking about and not trying to get in my pants. Preferably someone with a brain that uses common sense.

Reynard: Go suck a d*ck and stop wishing it was mine. Not gonna happen.

As a couple:
Treat each other equally and very protective of each other. Anyone who is stupid enough to disrespect them other will have to deal with the other and it won't be pretty. They don't take any sh*t from anyone. Reynard has a tendency to slip once in awhile (not often) but he knows it and remedies it right away.

I also have a short story I am writing that is Blasian. It was inspired by Ankh a bit then full blown written in my head because of my hot Japanese Guy Friend. Ankh and HJGF gets first dibs reading before I post it anywhere...IF I post it anywhere. Probably be written soon, since I am forbidden from work till Monday.

Opinions please and any tips I can use.


  1. I look foward to reading whichever one you complete ! :)
    hey sound interesting

  2. I wanted to know id you guys were interested?

    Is grass green? Is water wet? Is the sun hot?!

    I think you get what I'm saying. XD BRING IT ON!

  3. Lolol yeah I totally wanna read it ^___^ and it sounds cute.

    Btw this may not matter but Yuuki's name is like.. SERIOUS Japanese. I wouldn't have guess Korean until you notes it. Just a thought, you don't have to change it (I'm aware that some Korean names are slightly Japanese but this one is super nihonjin XD)

  4. "Korean Masculinity Study" I wonder if this is the same person who wrote the academic journal article I found a few months ago that mentioned Rain.

  5. Those pix are too cute. I can't wait for the finished work.

  6. The pictures are fantastic. I love the braids! Bring on your comic book.

    I'm with Kenji on the name, Yuuki and I'm equally concerned about the name Callisto for an African-American woman. It conjures up images of other existing characters with that name. It seems overused.

    When you're ready to share, we'll be ready.

  7. I'm totally interested. The avatars are so cute!!

  8. I'd read it! I recommend common, but fitting names for the characters :) Nothing rediculus like Crystallian Lion Eyes (can you tell I've read a lot of bad fan fics?).

  9. I think the story seems cute! @kurlykolly


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