Caption This #2

I wanted to share some images with all you lovely ladies at the Narrative. We had fun with the last caption post and I wanted to direct your attention to This Interview with Telisha Shaw (Sister Girl Dancer/Choreographer)touring with JYJ. She's lovely, talented and seems to have a great relationship with the guys.

The Future

"Mommy, Mommy! Lookee what I got!"


  1. You know something? you guys should get your own cable t.v. network. Africa and Asia are the future and you guys are really onto something with this.

    Sidenote: Annoyed by the comments about beautiful *mixed* babies, racial fetishism...is that the only thing people can think of?

    I love the part about her liking kimchi so much that they teased her about it! LOL. It is really good though.

  2. Lovely article. Sorry, been sick beyond all reason. Be back with a post from hotness later. Sleep. Food please stay.

  3. @ Student

    Caption(1st photo):
    The future

    LOL - oh snap!

    My turn:

    1st photo - "feel free...to hate on me."
    2nd photo - "Mommy, Mommy! Lookee what I got!"

  4. @ Ahnk
    Oh mommy! Look at what i got ! LOL!

  5. Student of the World wins for caption #1

    Ankh wins for caption #2

    Nice work ladies. Both pics are stunning in their own way don't you think?

    The black & white with Telisha/Junsu is aesthetically pleasing.

    The color photo with Jaejoong/Telisha is playful & light-hearted.

    Which is your favorite photo and why?

  6. *chuckles* I knew Student would win for the first one, mos def. Talk about in your face!

    Give us another one. This is fun.

  7. well what do we have here? I'm digging the pics.
    Great interview

    @ Lenoxave

    you got me hooked on TVXQ. LOL!! those boys are bad! but I heard they broke up. What's up with that?

    I think I like the first one. It looks more like a couple photo. Although, the 2nd one looks kind of heated.

    @ Ankh

    I was trying to think of one

  8. Love the photos, especially the first one with Junsu. Her interview was great too she seems so down to earth. I wish they would have interviewed Monique as well.

    Ive been calling the first pic Telisu love on other boards so thats what in my mind for that photo. The Jae and Telisha one....Unity and Passion.. thats what I think when I see it.

    Just a bit of information but fans have given Junsu and Telisha a couplename its Telisu. They got her to choose between TeliJae and Telisu and being a Su girl she chose the name paired with him. Also Jaejoong is now following her on twitter as well, he asked her how she was doing and if she wanted to meet. She tweeted back saying she missed them and wants them to come to LA for Junsu's Bday. I think its awesome they are keeping in contact, I know they will be filming Empty in LA so maybe there will be a reunion and more pics.

  9. 1st pic: (White) America's Worst Nightmare.

    *sigh* I'm so cynical...

  10. aj - thanks for the gossip. Monique kicks ass! I dig her as well. Hopefully she'll be interviewed soon.

    Nice to know e'one is keeping in touch and I know about Telisu and Telijae. The shipping is friggin' hilarious in that thread.

    It's all love (mostly),which is quite surprising given the usual venom I expect from fangirls.

    Cinnamon - you are very funny and your stmt isn't far from the truth. :Wink:

  11. @ Cinnamon
    LOL thats why I called it the future!

  12. Okay, I'm delurking myself here. I love the site, btw :)
    I just realized that this same lady, Telisha, is in this (kinda cheesy) romcom called "How To Make Love to a Woman", and she plays James Kyson Lee's love interest(or vice versa). So this is definitely not her first blasian experience, lol.

  13. @ lele

    Thanks for the info! Welcome, and please stay delurked!

  14. @ Leno - I'm glad that most of the fans are mature and receptive to their relationship, whatever it may be. We need less ass-hats around, though I'm sure they serve a purpose. Don't ask me what that could be, though.

  15. In this industry, there had to be SOME sexin' with SOMEBODY going on. *sniff* I want names and I want pictures, STAT.

  16. don't know where you are but JYJ is coming to DC, NYC and an unnamed Canadian city

  17. First time poster....lovely site you guys have here :). I have no witty caption for either picture, but I will answer the question posed and say that the first picture, by far, is my favorite :)! You can really sense the chemistry between these two individuals. Though I am no longer a Kpop fan (more of a rock/heavy metal chick), pictures like these do make me kind of nostalgic about my Kpop loving days.


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