Concerning the Quality of Writing on this Blog

I'm seeing some really good stuff here, and I feel I need to point some things out.  This last post by EccentricYoruba just reminded me of what I want to see on this blog, and what our many readers apparently want to continue seeing.

Concerning history, literature, and such, EccentricYoruba is the master (she's in Google, by the way).  Her posts are well-researched, and visually laid out very well.  Her style is eloquent, succinct, and she remains the consummate professional.  If you want to discuss politics, Blasian novels, or Blasian history, she's the writer to emulate.  If you want to write on this blog - period - she's the writer to emulate.

The mistresses of pop culture are Lenoxave and Cinnamon.  Notice that they don't post often, especially Lenoxave; they prefer to take their time to compile research, and in Cinnamon's case, pictures.  Both tend to have a maturity about them when they discuss singers and actors, and there's a reason this works.  You have to be careful approaching genres such as K-Pop and the like; you don't want to sound like an narrow-minded fangirl.  While Lenoxave has the ability to appeal to mature readers and explain what we want from the industry, Cinnamon knows where to find "the black woman" aspect in Blasian-related media, whether it's in anime or the rare Blasian couple we never knew about.

Bcbgrl33, who really ought to post more, garnered a lot of attention in the early months with her "Seoul Searching" series.  She really nailed writing about experience and discussing racism in real life, both her perspectiv, and the perspectives of others (which makes me think about DN, by the way, who's shown some major growth on this blog.  She's really growing in the area of experiential writing).

These are the writers to emulate on this blog.  They are setting the standards and some of their work is immortal; Cinnamon is particularly infamous for doing this.  When I check site stats it always seems like a post she wrote EONS ago is still a popular read.

Ladies, you rock.  Carry on.


  1. @EccentricYoruba

    I missed one gorgeous young woman when I was considering models. Shame on me. There are no emoticons available to express this sentiment.

  2. Saw Eccentric Yoruba's post on blacklooks I believe on images of Funmilayo Kuti...good stuff.

  3. Ah! My cropped purikura picture ^^;


    Aw, that's so kind of you. But placing a model of me next to Toma might just cause my brain to shut down.

    @Nigerian Drama Queen

    Hiya! I have manyy homes online and Black Looks is one of them, as well as The Narrative. This is such a shameless plugg but my personal blogs are at Wordpress and Dreamwidth.

  4. @ Ankh - It's all love up in here girl. You've created such an amazing space for all of us. We can't help but shine. Thanks so much.

    You look lovely EY!

    Hateya - Long time no see chick.

  5. @Lenoxave

    Real life kicks my butt frequently. It'll calm down soon.

    @Eccentric Yoruba

    Your brilliant brain would only pause for a second or two. :)

  6. @Lenoxave



    Lol, let's hope so :D


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