Kenny Woo Returns

People who can freestyle seriously amaze me. How they hell did you come up with all that with merely split seconds bewteen lines? Damn, y'all....

As usual, he gives a shoutout to his "Black Queen" and deems all the haterade he gets to be about jealousy.  What I don't get is...why Kenny Woo?  Who watches a vid by Kenny Woo and feels the need to go off?  The man is so chill, so laidback, so supportive of all peoples and all love...so why him?

I'm asking very seriously because I really don't get it.  He doesn't talk smack about black men or white folks, or really anybody.  He isn't negative.  So what about him stirs up so much ire that just last month he had do a whole rhyme about gettin' haterade (nice to see the shaven head is back, thank you)?  What am I missing?

I don't see him as tacky.  Or as a wannabe.  I see him as straight-up, genuine, tell-it-like-it-is, live-and-let-live, so why they hell are people gunning for him?  Of all the YouTube personalities vindictive folks could go after...why Kenny Woo?  Why the dude who's all about love and blending and people getting along - am I missing something?  Seriously - did I miss something?

Is anyone having a flashback to reading about/watching activists like MLK, Jr. get hosed down because they preached love, forgiveness, and nonviolence?  Of all the people you could after...what that type?

How big and bad can you be when you go after someone you know is not going to fight back?


  1. I chalk it up to people projecting their issues on a seemingly helpless target. Don't get me wrong, there are some people in this world who irritate the shiggity out of me, but to take time and energy to rant at them every possible chance? Hell no. I'm too busy getting my life and stuff together.

    Besides, as you and others have said, people don't go overboard with the hate for someone or something unless they (the hated) are seen as some sort of threat.

  2. I guess, in his own way, Kenny could be seen as a threat.

  3. I forgot to mention that some people are just born Bitter Bettys. They're always angry about something and they get off making, or at least trying to, other people miserable. They probably see Kenny representing a quality of life they don't have or won't have due to their hateful spirits, and it irritates them.

  4. Bitter Bettys...thanks for this!!!

  5. Hello! I just started reading your blog and I love it!

    I LOVE Kevin Woo and actually watched this video the other day. It makes me so angry when people try to degrade someone like Kevin, who is just being real, something haters obviously don't know about. What do they want him to be?! A carbon-copy like many other Asian Americans I've seen? They need to just leave him alone...

  6. Does his woman realize how lucky she is?

  7. Btw the way...anyone who would like Kenny Woo to start posting on the Narrative should go to the YouTube and hit up his inbox there.

    Woo him, readers, woo him!!!

  8. @ leoprincess

    Good! Send him more, ladies, send him more!!!


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