My queendom for some confirmation

From soompi forums:
Just saw Ninja Assassin and I'm about to see it again the week after with one of my friends. All I can say is that I loved it and I was entertain but a little disappointed because there was a Scene Raizo x Mika get REALLY CLOSE (AKA Shower Scene) I have to wait until I get a Directors Cut of Ninja Assassin.

Fortunatley there's going to be a Sequel and Naomie Reveals Raizo x Mika get REALLY CLOSE and they'll show it and they'd Better. I hope the sequel will be AWESOME!
*raises eyebrow* Say...what?

It cannot be.  I have scoured the nets for news of a sequel.  The one who brings Moi confirmation shall be richly rewarded.


  1. Don't tease me. I hate being teased if there's nothing after it.

    (not to you, per se, but to the source)

  2. Um, doesn't Rain have to do two years in the military?

  3. He's supposed to. Not sure what's the date for that.

  4. He needs to just go on ahead and knock 'em out so he can focus on pleasing us.

  5. He needs to just go on ahead and knock 'em out so he can focus on pleasing us.

    BWAH! XD Poor Rain!

  6. I wonder how that's going to work and when that's suppose to come out...3 or 4 years from now?

    because Rain is going into military service in about 6 months. He'll be cut off from the outside world for 2 years. He's releasing an album, and doing a world tour before leaving for military.
    He said that recently he went to the doctor and was told that his body is wearing down and that he has the body of a 40 yr old(which isn't hard to believe as hard as he works).

    Not to mention, how much he hated the training for the first one...don't know if he'd ever go through that again lol. I'm not sure about this at all.

  7. He's hinted that he will be doing a movie before he leaves for the military.

  8. yea i heard him say that too

    but whether or not it's a korean or holiay movie i don't know

  9. I don't see why all that hellish fitness training was necessary for the first one. The diet he described was seriously unhealthy. And I liked his body pre-NA.

    The second needs to just focus on him adapting to everyday life with Mika. It could be more psychological thriller than action film.

  10. And sex. There needs to be plenty of sex.

  11. Rain in a sex scene with Naomie would give me a heart attack.

  12. wow i meant to say "hollywood" film hahaha

    wtf is holiay?

  13. Rain in a sex scene with Naomie would give me a heart attack.

    As it would Moi.

    All who think it would be worth, raise your hand in favor and say, "Aye."


    Just think of the ticket and DVD sales.

  14. Aye!!

    I'll take a heart attack for the better of future generations. Its snowing in Florida today so I'm pretty sure this means hell has frozen over and Hollywood will agree to a steamy Blasian Sex scene.

  15. That's great and all, y'all, but first the important thing - is this thing for real, or is someone just stirring the pot? I'm sure we don't want to get our hopes up over nothing.

    At least I don't!

  16. Before the Wachowski brothers began filming, NA, they already had an idea for an NA 2 (courtesy of a Joel Silver interview).

    And Ninja Assassin is popular. When critics panned it, fans defended it saying it was what it was - a gore film. I mean, the title was a damn giveaway, know what I'm saying?

    It didn't even need dialogue. It could've been filmed as one long gruesome music video (with occasional bouts of some steamy Blasian lovin') and it still would've rocked.

    Then again, I love listening to Raizo speak, especially when he speaks to Mika. It's simply too sexy. *shakes head*

  17. fyi JYPE just became majority shareholder of JTUNE. Rain also said he will be doing a world tour and new album before joining the military summer 2011. If he sets foot in the USA, I'm there.


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