The Narrative Gives a Nod to Romeo Must Die (2000)

"Han" & "Trish"
Ohhhhhhhh Lawwwwd...

Initially, I sent out a very sweet request to my fellow Narrative authors for one of them - as in not Moi - to do a post honoring this film before this decade let out.  Ain't none of those wenches hit me back...*shakes fist*...treacherous hussies.

But I digress.

If we're going to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Ninja Assassin, then we can't overlook the ten-year anniversary of Romeo Must Die.  After all, we respect our elders here at the Narrative.

That's right, Narrators...it's been ten whole years since Jet Li and Aaliyah (*sniff*) gave the Blasian presence a jolt in mainstream media.  They've kept peeps talking a full decade since, and though there was no kiss in the film, they still made a lasting impression.

By the way, shortly after this film came out, Aaliyah did an interview with Seventeen magazine (I think) in which she discussed the kiss which was filmed, but then cut out.  She said she decided to play a prank on Jet by kissing while wearing false teeth.  I remember reading, she said he was so intensely focused on kissing her he didn't even notice*.

We at the Narrative raise our eyebrow to that.

*I'm not hallucinating; someone else read that interview too.  But they left out the good stuff. *sniff*


  1. Wow! I still miss her so much. I remember when the film was being advertised. I was so shocked that this kind of pairing would hit the big screen.

    A decade later and it is STILL a big deal. How's that for progress Hollywood? It took a whole decade to get Ninja Assassin and still no damn kiss.

  2. Sorry I'm a bit distracted by upcoming cross country relocation.

    I thought they showed good chemistry in Try again and in the movie.

    I'm still pissed they made a Romeo/Juliet movie with no freaking kiss.

    I do miss Aaliyah. I always thought she was so pretty and so classy. I saw her in concert fall 1997. I wish she'd been able to tell her side of the story of her life.

  3. Hey I've been a lurker here for a minute and I finally wanted to post. I love this film and I loved Jet Li and Aaliyah's performances. I was really upset when I heard about the kiss that was omitted from the script.

    I think this blog is amazing and I think you ladies are as well. I first thought Asian men were attractive when I began to watch Japanese dramas as way to study Japanese. This blog has been great and educational about black experience abroad. I am getting ready to teach English in Taiwan or China in a year. I previously wanted to teach English in Japan but we kinda broke up hehe Anywayz I digressed, I just finally needed to say you guys are great ^_^

  4. Thanks, Tracy! Welcome!

    I thought they showed good chemistry in Try again and in the movie.

    See...this is what drove me crazy. They obviously had chemistry. I mean, it was there. In the same interview I mentioned above, Aaliyah talked about how sexy Jet Li was and how disappointed she was to find out he already had a woman.

    Imagine if the writers and director had simply known what to do with it.

  5. hey all! in a hurry, holiday travel and all... thought you might want to be on the lookout for an interview jyj did with mtvk. interesting answers came up when they were asked about interracial dating/marriage. sorry if post is in the wrong place. happy holidays.

  6. T. Dang,

    It's all good...so long as you hook us up with links.

  7. asked and answered... here's the jyj link


  8. When JaeJoong asks Junsu if Junsu would choose his wife over JaeJoong, I thought I was going to die laughing.

    I'm not surprised none of them objected to marrying outside their race. It's what we at the Narrative call "the pattern."

    GREAT link. Thanks, T. Dang.

  9. Most def wasn't ignoring you. I've done so much overtime over the past month that everything meaningful in my life has fallen by the wayside (my blog, the Narrative, emails, TV, any other kind of fun). Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.

    I'm glad you covered this though, because to be honest, it didn't even occur to me that it's been ten years since this movie was released. And look...we're still talking about it. Amazing. (I wonder if NA will have the same longevity).

    I thought Jet Li was cute and he and Aaliyah def had chemistry. I wish they would have kept the kiss in. I really do.

  10. Most def wasn't ignoring you.


    I wonder if NA will have the same longevity

    Yes. Yes it will. Any time I watch anything with Rain (like his latest drama), my first thought is, "I really need to go watch Ninja Assassin again." I've officially lost count of how many times I've seen that movie. And I'm not even remotely tired of it.

    I thought Jet Li was cute and he and Aaliyah def had chemistry. I wish they would have kept the kiss in. I really do.

    They could've at least included the deleted scene on the DVD, you know? Like with NA - why couldn't they just put the infamous shower scene on the DVD? *shakes head* Stingy bastards.

  11. Going off topic, I just wanted to sharea short BWAM film "Tall Enough".
    Its really cute!!

  12. @ MoonB

    Hey there! "Tall Enough" is a cookie on this blog.

  13. http://archiveofourown.org/works/84740?
    My favorite(and only) fic from this fandom.


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