Taking a Grimace at Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

Oh, Lawd.  *rubs temples*

When I was a teenager, I found this movie "bearable."  I wanted to see Robin Shou (looking even better than he did in the first one, if you can believe that) and that was all there was too it.  And for some demented reason, I had a brief bout of madness masquerading as a crush on James Remar when he shaved his locks and donned less Jesus-y gear.  Watching it now (literally right now)...*cringes*  Let's just say his best line was, "Was I dead?"

As usual, Robin Shou looked phenomenal.  And his acting was excellent.  I loved hearing his lines because he was the only one who took the tragic excuse for dialogue made it worthwhile-ish.  And the whole "Liu is our only hope" theme appeared to have a double meaning; Robin was the film's main hope.

I mean, fuck...Jax was the abysmal black caricature of all trash-talk and no substance.  Bridgette Wilson got replaced by...anyways, moving on.  The new Johnny Cage who got smacked down in a second had me actually missing Linden Ashby.   And while I love Musetta Vander and was actually nicknamed "Sindel" in junior high school, um...WTF was that?  Marjean Holden (Sheeva) had a right to be pissed, by the way.  She got taken out even faster than Johnny Cage and that was just embarrassing.

Winner of "Sexiest Finish"
in the Girls Gone Wired
And correct me if I'm wrong but...isn't Jade supposed to be black?  WTF then with Irina Pantaeva playing that role?

See...this really rubbed me the wrong way.  We've got Asian, Latina, and white girls running amok in the MK films, but even when a character is specifically designed and written as a black female, she gets the shaft.  Furthermore, Jade wasn't evil - it was that other black chick (see a picture of Tanya here).  So WTF?

We need to just go ahead and cut the denial out; gamers don't have beef with black female characters in games - they're nerds, remember?  They don't have "preferences" - as long as the plotlines and graphics are state-of-the-art, everything's gravy to them.

See what I mean? And let's not forget this:
"Much like Sonya, Chun Li, and perhaps even Ms. Pacman, Jade has become a renown female character from video gaming. Her beauty accounts for this."

~ from Jade Gone Wired, Mortal Kombat Wiki


  1. As a gamer, I am PARTICULARLY happy to see a black woman in a video game, specifically as a GOOD character, I am over the moon. Case in point, I'm also a huge manga fan, and when I saw Bethany in Dramacon, I HIT THE CEILING.

    I couldn't believe it; a BLACK WOMAN (not just a "dark-skinned girl") in an American manga. I was over the moon.

    So, in general, I think some people just need to get the fuck over it. Ugh; let's just give our black women their due and stop replacing them with white, hispanic and other non-black races.

  2. @kurosune-hime-I have to agree with that. It's a pain when I play games like the Soul Calibur series, and the closest they get to Black women is Talim, who comes from Southeast Asia. Also, what bugs me is in the Final Fantasy games, where they just make people random colors so you can't tell one from the other.

  3. Interesting info about Tanya from the Mortal Kombat Wiki about two of her endings:

    *Deception: (Non-Canonical) "In Edenia, Tanya had located the ancient texts that described the process by which to fuse the Kamidogu into one. With this information, Onaga was able to create the One Kamidogu - a tool of unspeakable power. As the Dragon King was distracted, reveling in his victory, Tanya seized the opportunity to snatch the Kamidogu from him, thereby obtaining god-like power. She destroyed the Dragon King and became Ultimate Overlord of the realms."

    * Armageddon: (Non-Canonical) "The fire of Blaze transformed Tanya into a being known as a Dragon Caller. With a mere thought, she was able to summon dragon spirits from the ether into corporeal form. With an army of dragons at her command, she conquered the universe realm by realm. Soon Shao Kahn himself would call her 'master'."

    So the black woman takes no prisoners, huh? Bwahahahahahahahahah!

    You can watch all these on YouTube, btw. When it comes to MK and the Tube, the nerds are in FULL force.

  4. Lord have mercy...read the comments about Jade here:


    Boys are so nasty.

  5. @ Ankh - LMAO at those comments. Yes, boys are nasty.

  6. @ Lenoxave

    Proves a point, doesn't it?

  7. .....oookay. They do realize this isn't a real woman?

    And of course.....they're all talking about the booooobs.

  8. I didn't see the first movie but, thanks to my friends' rabid fan-girling (they were both serious comic and video game nuts back in high school), I went to see the sequel at the cinema.

    I was not impressed (the movie was over 5 minutes after intermission - makes me wonder why they even bothered with intermission!). Even my friends were all, "HUH?!"

  9. @ Student

    They don't care. They all went cuckoo for Lara Croft much in the same manner.

    *shakes head* Men are so easy.

  10. The thing that just kills me is how terrible the acting was, compared to the first movie. Everything about the second movie said low budget strait to video knock off.But it could've at least been entertaining!

    When they said Jade they probably thought of the gem Jade and chose an asianish actress.

    It's just like what they did with Wanted, the character in the comic is clearly black. She insults the main character and calls him all kinds of "clueless white boy".

    But how they got Angelina Jolie out of that.... I don't know.

  11. The character in the Wanted comic is supposed to be black?????

  12. Yes! Undeniably so! And her character design is a shoe-in for Halle!


    But her character is the only good thing about Wanted. It's basically a sociopathic misogynist/racist wet dream.

    The main character is a wimp until he finds out he's the son of a supervillain where villains rule he world. He finds out and becomes an assassin, Fox trains him. But with some disgusting sick indulgent moments along the way. He rapes an A-List actress, calls some latinos the s-word and then kills them. And gets away with it because his father rules the world basically.(Depressingly like real life no?)

    I understand why the filmmakers changed those aspects of the story, they were terrible WASP adolescent revenge fantasy garbage, but they still should've kept Fox black.

    They probably figured since the story was so out of the mainstream and they had to change a lot of aspects of it, they might as well just keep on going.

    And Angelina played a light skinned black woman in "A Mighty Heart". In Hollywackassshit that's good casting!

    Alot of black actresses could've rocked that role, but if they had kept Fox black they would've made her a Jezebel stereotype now that I think about it. So maybe it's just as well *shrug*

  13. Sorry i still don't know how to link things. Just look for The Fox: Wanted in google images and you'll see.

  14. @ Student

    Thanks for the info. I feel a post coming on with that one.

    And here:


  15. @ Ahnk
    Other notable Whitewashing victims include cowboys, the majority of whom were black but you would never know that from a Western.

  16. @ Student

    Don't even get me started on that.

  17. yeah ankh this movie was kinda bad.

    I was pissed when I saw who they casted for jade and how they destroyed the character and more of the ones you've mentioned.

    I have to say though, the one good thing that came out of that movie was nightwolf. Indian in the cupboard is a fave movie of mine so to see actor Litefoot bring the character to life was great.

    The problem with adapting video games, novels and comics is that they never fully follow the story that's already written. The fans don't want to see the director's version of the story, we want to see the author's vision. I would rather them not make the film if even a small part won't translate on film right.

    There is another video game film out. They made Tekken into a film. It was released overseas, i think they had a feeling American fans were going to hate it and they were right.

    Christine is a black character from Brazil. The actress they picked to play her, her bio says shes Cherokee Indian. In the pics from the game she looks exotic. The actress looks white to me. Also Ankh, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. plays Heihachi Mishima.I thought you might like that. LOL!!


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