Tekken (2010) *rubs temples* Um...why, exactly?

Let's see how well you all have paid attention to your Blasian Narrative studies.  How does this fail?  You count the ways.


POC I'm Watching: Jon Foo


  1. QUESTION: Where is Hwoarang???? I'm sorry, but I love Tekken mainly because he is such an awesome character. Jin is SO young looking, you know???

    But, I will say this: Eddie Gordo is rather attractive.

  2. Yes, the game whoops ass; used to play it often myself.

    But what are the glaring fails of the film?

  3. I'm only familiar with Tekken the anime, so I'm afraid I'm of no use here. :(

    But something tells me that the main guy isn't supposed to look so...vanilla-flavoured.

  4. something tells me that the main guy isn't supposed to look so...vanilla-flavoured.

    For starters.

  5. That girl with the red hair is supposed to be a POC.Christie is the character that knows Capoeira.

    Jin - the lead was played by Jon Foo. He is Chinese and Irish.

  6. where should I start....

    First off as kurosune said, there is no Hwoarang nor xiaoyu.

    Whomever wrote the script attempted to merge characters and other storylines from various tekkens into one movie. BIG NO! NO!

    Most of the women other than jun, (Jin's mother)are portrayed as bimbos. Anna and Nina Williams are suppose to be dangerous women and assassins in the game. The actress they chose for nina was all wrong. In the movie they are Kazuya's whores. Christine walks around the movie with her ass crack hanging out. I don't care how cute she looks, crack kills.

    Heihachi seemed kind of weak. He doesn't fight in the movie. He just preaches to Kazuya most of the time.

    It was too highly sexualized, missing too many key characters, Man it was just bad.

    Two good things about this movie: Eddy Gordo & Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu killed it!!!

  7. When did this movie come out? I waited a year for this (and in vain apparently). Hwoarang and Xiaoyu are my two favorite characters, so boo to them not being in the movie. And is that Christie being all flirty with Jin? Isn't she Eddie's girlfriend? Nina a whore??? So I'm guessing in the movie version Steve Fox isn't her son? Why do movie adaptions of video games make the worst changes? I'm already mad and I haven't even gotten into the race and gender issues yet >:(

  8. What I don't get is...Mortak Kombat worked (first one, not the second one...obviously).

    Why don't they just ask Paul Anderson for a seminar?

  9. @The Girl In Question

    The movie was supposed to be released in the spring of this year but they released it in Asia theaters instead, then released DVD for the U.S. in August.

    unfortunately, Christie becomes jin's love interest in the movie.In the game, she was trained by eddy but there was no mention of them being lovers but who knows.

    Yeah, there wasn't a mention of a blood relation between nina and steve. He becomes Jin's agent.

    If you want to see it, I rather you stream it cause it's not even worth renting or downloading.


    I don't know, Paul has kind of been on Resident Evil fans shit list for messing up the storyline with his version of Resident Evil. I'm still trying to figure out where the hell he came up with this Alice character. Milla just should of been jill.

  10. Okay, my first thought was: "Ok, um, what?"

    Now, I want those two minutes and four seconds of my life back. I can't even begin to analyze the fail of this movie namely because a good chunk of my brain cells have already killed themsselves over this nonsense. I heard about this movie coming out, but I didn't actually read up on it because as The Girl In Question stated so plaintively: movie adaptations of games just suck hard. But now that I know Xiaoyu's not even going to be in it (which is probably a good thing because they'd probably do more fail by changing her character too (anyone remember Chun Li's movie by any chance? Yeah, THAT fail wasn't hard to miss) and that they're missing Hwoarang is MIA, I refuse to watch it.

    First, Jin's actor is Chinese and Irish...um, no. Not all Asians are alike, Hollyweird, contrary to your messed up beliefs. He should've been Japanese.

    Second, Christie? Just no.

    Third, I don't even HAVE to look at the movie to know they somehow screwed up on Jun's character.

    Fourth, fourth, fourth? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  11. Now, I want those two minutes and four seconds of my life back.


  12. Big freaking problem; Christie is supposed to be Portuguese/Brazilian not some pretty little white chick whose of what Irish English descent in actuality...clearly they missed the fact that Christie is PORTUGUESE not white; Portugal is considered of the Spanish/Latin family not White European Variety.

    And yea I'm pissed they didn't use a Japanese man; Jin should have been Japanese not Chinese. And of course not all Asians are the same. I wish more people would realize that.


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