Blasian Diva and More Panty Droppers

Here is my blog link. Tells about the men so far. Korea is keeping (hiding) all the sexy and its not fair. Seriously. ***

Hi all, my first post for the New Year. I also have other news on the Korean Men and Black women front but I will post that on my blog so as not to clutter this one. I will post the link when I am finished.

As you know I attended Sexy's end of the year concerts and had a blast. So worth the money and he is adorable, plus his dancers are HOT and need to come with warnings too.

Sexy gave a shout out to her at his concert and thanked her for taking time out of her busy schedule to come to his concert on the last day of the year.


Insooni 인순이 South Korean Blasian R & B Diva

Here is a brief wiki article on her.

This is her official site.

She is beautiful and has a hell of a voice.

Now for the Panty droppers:

This is the group One Way.

Chance, Peter and Young Sky. (Not in any particular order)

Here is a brief wiki on them.

Here is their official YouTube Channel.

And apparently the person who does this blog is the cousin of Chance.

From what I am hearing from these cover songs, Chance is the one to watch for.

Brown Sugar by D'Angelo sung by Chance

Falsetto - The Dream sung by Chance and the others (I think wasn't specified really)

What do you think of my first post of the year?


  1. Coincidentally I downloaded the One Way album from Soribada yesterday.

  2. have everything from oneway <3

  3. Oneway is SO HOT in EVERY way! Definitely panty droppers worth mentioning. This a link to them singing an acoustic version of Taeyang's "Look Only At Me." Mouth-watering...

  4. Oneway, huh? Might need to look them up.

  5. They also covered Charlie Wilson :3

  6. Hmmm...guess who's going on my long list of K-pop artists to watch???
    What I noticed right away about Oneway was how "manly" they look in their videos, as compared to other emasculated Kpop boybands. Thumbs up to you DN!

  7. Great Post and Happy New Year, DN!

    Love One Way. Chance & Peter can blow. Young Sky has pretty nice flow. My fave is "Rainy Days" feat. Junsu from 2PM. I dig their music.

    Insooni is amazing. Her life story and what she went thru in SK was nuts. I learned that she gave birth to her child here in the States to avoid the things she had to go through as a Blasian Woman.

  8. Insooni should collab with Tasha ;}

    hey guys, check this video out. It's a new Jpop video featuring POC


  9. @ Kenji I was listening to this while I was at work. Soo cute. Thanks for the heads ^^

  10. @ Kenji

    Psssst - Japanese are also POC, though they may not think so.

  11. Too Bad Taeyeon from SNSD is a racist. In a radio show she was on she said that Alicia Keys was pretty for a black person. And also when a black singer Pumashock(she sings Korean songs and she's pretty popular in Korea) sang their song GEE, SNSD were showed Pumashock's Gee video and Taeyeon was looking at her all crazy like she was disgusted but people want to make an excuse and say she had a "cold". I mean does that make any sense at all.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcjjWxssPbY pause at 0:34 and see her face.

  12. @ McDutzie

    What doesn't make any sense? Sorry, your comment just confused me a lot.


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