Caption This #3?

I believe this might interest readers here, mostly because we've talked about Japan post-war babies on the BN previously.

The image above was taken in 1969 and shows Kathy Usami, "illegitimate daughter of unknown African American GI." with her mother in Japan. Can we caption this?

via: Seen first at f*** yeah, women of the rainbow. The source has some interesting images from 1969 Japan including those of "illegitmate" daughters of American GIs. I've looked through them and it seems Kathy is the only one featured with an African American father.


  1. I can't think of anything, but she looks a little sad to me. :(

  2. Kinda wonder why her mother is still doing her hair at that age. Like leoprincess said, she looks unhappy.

  3. Yeah other people have pointed out that she looks sad in the photo. There were also speculations about her life and where she is now. I didn't see the sadness at first though.

  4. That looks more like "Tsk...Mooooooooom. Aughhh."

    That is what it looks like to me but she is smart enough not to say it or get smacked.

    I am sure I made that face plenty of times (and got smacked...hee hee).

  5. Being the illegitimate daughter of an American soldier is sufficient reason to be sad even today. I can only imagine how hellish that young woman's life was. I pray someone other than her mother loved her.

  6. @DN

    That's another way of looking at the photo.


    I hope so too. I also hope her life wasn't too hellish.

  7. I finally found the source for this picture:


    It didn't seem like she had too terrible of a life in the end.


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