Freak Me Til The Mornin'

Happy New Year! Or so I thought it was until I realized that I hadn’t posted about Nikki’s seeing the Korean hunk again. Read for yourself. But, if you missed other postings, go to http://delovewriter.com for more delights. By the way, Nikki did see someone else before this escapade.

The sweat is running off of my back. Sung Ho has more stamina than a heavy weight champion. As soon as he moves his face from my crotch, he nibbles his way up to my breast. I scream. What the hell is he doing to me? I can’t stand it. My pelvis is gyrating as if he’s in me. He moves back down to my treasure to make me explode. As he lifts his head, I try to get that ugly messed-up look off of my face. But, I can’t help it. It feels like my nerve endings are on fire. My tits are bulging like never before. He kisses me with that elongated tongue, poking in and out of my mouth. The pulsating rhythm is driving me to another orgasm. Putting on Prince’s Human Body makes it seem like we’re in the play Caligula. I’ve got the song on replay. I don’t know how many times it has played. It’s keeping the mood of sex in overdrive.

We slide off of the bed onto the carpeted rug. He tells me to get on my knees. I comply. His body feels like a baby’s—no hair anywhere. He enters from behind. I’m so moist. Can he stay in me? All of a sudden I feel his penis getting wider and wider. He’s moving with the song. “What the hell is that song? It’s driving me crazy sexy crazy,” he says. He’s so digging it. The song starts with a heartbeat sound and then crooning. Then Prince sings:

Can you take me home
Where we can be alone?
Can you make me happy
Till my pain is gone?
Can you get me excited?
Excited enough to thank the God above for the human body

Yeah, yeah, yeah
For the human body

“It’s Prince’s Human Body,” I try to say between pants. “You like it?” The next verse starts.

Can you get me excited
Till my love is on?
Can you let me ride it (Oh yeah)
Till the early morn’?
Can you freak me dirty?
Freak me till I thank the God above for the human body

Yeah, yeah, yeah
For the human body

“Hell yeah!” He keeps on gyrating. More and more than I can bare. The song is fading in my head as my knees are burning from the carpet and my arms are feeling like tree twigs. Then he screams. He comes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My god girl, your pussy is hot. I can’t stand it.”
There’s nothing I can do but wait for him to stop because I’m about to collapse. My knees are truly hurting, but I don’t care. He grabs me, twist my head to his, and kisses me. “That’s the best love session I’ve ever had. What you got up there anyway to make this feel so good?”

“That’s my secret baby.” I can’t give away all of my secrets.

“Well, you’ve got talent.”

“Thanks. I’ve been around the block a few times.”

“What does that mean?”

“Seriously? You don’t know what that means?”

“I’m not from here, remember. My parents are from South Korea. I don’t know all of the American idioms. So school me, teacher.” He has a devilish smile on his face.

“Well. It only means I have sexual experience. I mean, I’ve had a few lovers that taught me well.” I didn’t want to sound like I was a pro. Plus, porn movies are good tutorials for women, too.

“Thanks, teacher. May I have a few lessons?” He grabs my waist and turns me around until I’m on top of him.

I don’t think I can go another round. Plus, that rubber of his is shattered. He doesn’t seem to care. He looks at me and grabs for another one.

“Wait a minute. You want to do this again? Don’t you have to rest?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just want this feeling to last for a long time.”

I roll off of him and say, “We’ll do this again. Before we go on a binge like this again, we’d better have something to eat first. I’m starving.”

Sung Ho grabs his watch. He looks and says, “Shit. Look at what time it is. I’d better get out of here. Sorry, but I gotta go.”

“What’s the hurry this time? It’s only 10.” I’m feeling déjà vu again. Like our date. All of a sudden, my body starts to go cold. I was hoping to keep that loving feeling for awhile.

“Really, really sorry. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow. My boss requested that I come in early to do some work. So I said OK before realizing I had to see you, that’s all. I mean, I couldn’t wait any longer to see you. Don’t be mad.” He slowly gets up as if he realizes his knees are on fire. And without showering, he puts his clothes on, uses the bathroom, gives me a peck on the lips and out of the door.

I touch my lips thinking of the lovemaking we had just had. Then I’m upset again. Damn it! No cuddling, no warm embracing. Now I get to shower alone. After I turn off the replay of Human Body and let the other songs play, I prepare for bed alone.


  1. I need to catch up on this series!!! **attempts to murder the God of Time again** There's so much goodness.

  2. Is this a book yet? I want to read it all. Please be an e-book it is hard to get good stories in South Korea in English. I need more literature ... while I am learning Korean.

  3. Love it. Looking forward to the book. Keeps me inspired to finish mine.


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