I Don't "Get" White Worship

Fuck...they ain't
got nothing on Moi.
Let me begin this slightly complex post with some quotes I used as a post on my blog, in which a white guy from Finland stepped all over some racist trolls on Abagond during a hilarious battle of powerful knowledge versus blissful ignorance.

I mean...he shut that thread down, y'all.

These are the choiciest excerpts.  Keep in mind that he's not illiterate; quite the opposite.  English is simply not his first language.  As usual, it doesn't stop him from getting his point across...with a vengeance.
...the blacks in Africa had goldmines and diamonds and silvermines and all kinds of trinkets that the white supreme being wanted. So the white supreme being went over there and stole all that. Africans also had slaves, so the white supreme being went over and showed his inventions on that too and commercialized the trade into truly global business. See, Chuck, the black DID change the history even trough these. :-D They did not get any Nobels for these though…

Troll: “Western civilization begins with the Greeks and spans over 3000 years. The Greeks (who were somewhat influenced by the Egyptians who get plenty of air time in history classes) gave us many of the concepts of philosophy and mathematics that we have fine tuned to shape our modern world.”

Well, Chuck, those greeks did not want to be your white europeans at all. In fact they had a word for all us all, which according the legend, came from our languages. Those acient greeks with all their philosophies and sciences used to call the Northern white europeans Barbarians. :-D Now, I assume you know the meaning and concept of that word.

Troll:...“News. America will remain a superpower; China will recede. There’s no way a country of 1.4 billion remains intact as its economic needs grow. Mix that with the whole coastal versus agrarian dynamic in that country; China in its present state won’t exist more than 50 years. America, though, is positioned well. First, we have access to two oceans. This is very important.”

I assume that saying America you mean USA? Well, I got news for you Chuckie. Your whole nation has no money at all. It is all borrowed :-D You understand? You have no money, period. Your government stands only because those frigging chinese are lending money for it. Your economy is in much worse condition than the famously chaotic russian one. That should make you think twice about history, Chuck :-D .

If the China, as the major money lender, would call in its loans tomorrow, USA would stop to exist. There would no money for any troops, for any state or government salaries. Not a single cop, official, soldier, nurse, doctor, teatcher, pilot, air controller would get his salary. Now you can only imagine where that might lead into. I seriously doubt USA could survive that.

The only thing, the only thing at the moment, that keeps US as a super power, is your nuclear arsenal. That is all you guys really have. Period. And ok, effienct agriculture, for now.

The problem with your view of history Chuck is that it is what is called eurocentric. Like you can see the flaws in afriocentric or sinocentric history, yours is also flawed. First thing you must understand is the historical fact that the story of the white victory was written afterwards, it was invented as a cohesive story. For example, Charlemange was a nobody from the arab and chinese perspective. I doubt if anybody had even heard of him in Indian states.

1500′s the chinese saw the whole Europe as the lands end, the most furthest shit hole of the world. It was full of plague, wars and very dirty and uncivilized people. There was nothing the chinese needed from Europe. They could sell to those stinking crazies some stuff, but they did not need them nor there was anything the europeans could give to the chinese. That was how the chinese had looked europeans for centuries.

That changed only in 1800′s. And why? Because the white supreme being wanted to make really big money from the opium trade :-D Did you know that, Chuckie? Yeah, the international drug trade begun earnest with the brittish opium traders. The thing would be similar like the colombian cartels would show up into your shores to sell drugs by tons of it and make billions with it. But, wait a minute, they are allready doing it!! Darn! :-D

USA is a very young nation and country. Very young. It has been around only couple centuries plus. That is very short time in history. I, for instance, live in a city that officially founded in 1500′s. There is a city in Finland that existed at least in 1100′s. And Finland has never been urban society untill last few decades. This kind of knowledge gives one a different perspective. Nobody can say that USA will endure say next two centuries. At this moment it is up to your creditors.

Understand what I am trying to say? History is not a victory lap for the USA, no by a mile. I know that american history as it is presented to you tries to tell you that. It tries to convince you that somehow there is a white line of heritage from the acient egyptians to you guys. Well, there is none. You are not the princes of Egypt. Or anything else.

...See, your white eurocentric world is very young, only some three, four hundred years old. Actually the hegemony of the west can be traced from 1800′s on. Before that the white european male did not rule the world with his superb inventions and war making abilities.

I understand that for a young guy like youself that seems to be like for evah, like you know, like a for a very many long time ago. But from the chinese perspective the domination of the west is just passing thing. They were the center of the world for much longer time than the west has been even counting from the romans and the chinese believe that tide is turning by now.
*is dead*

Seriously though, with this enjoyable little tidbit in mind, we can now get down to the point of my post.  As you can tell by the post, this is about my inability to grasp why someone would knowingly, willingly, and consistently engage in the self-destructive, utterly degrading practice of white worship.

POC, I don't get it.  I'm a daughter of the continent who knows her history.  Whenever I see a black person, for example, tripping over themselves and their people for white folks, I first have to stop and marvel.  It's like watching an epic trainwreck; I can't turn my eyes away, know what I mean?  I just want to tap that individual on the shoulder and ask them, "Like..seriously?"

For pygmy's sake, Ancient Africans established a civilization 5000 years ago which continues to influence our entire planet to this day.  And that was just one of our many kingdoms and empires.  That's not even mentioning the Empire of Ghana (before 830 CE), the Kingdom of Kush (1070 CE), the infamous Great Zimbabwe (1100 CE), and the Mali Empire (1230 CE) - all great, all wealthy, all established before the 1500s.  Even in the 1500s, POC weren't fans of the West, not when genocide against American Indians and the enslaving of Africans began.  It tended to make them rather unpopular.

White worship amongst Asians (Asian Americans in particular), is no secret.  Which makes me cringe because, again, Europeans didn't really matter to the world until the 1500s.  Meanwhile, anyone who's watched Curse of the Golden Flower has an idea of the magnificent peak China enjoyed during the Tang Dynasty (early 600s to the early 900s).  Early 600s, Narrators, as in a full 900 years before anyone really started to "notice" Western Europe.

When Arabs and Indians lighten their hair and skin to appear white, it seriously breaks my heart.  I mean, you want to talk lasting cultural influence - Asian martial arts, Buddhist philosophy, and yoga were all born in India.  And back when the Europeans were dropping from Black Plague, bathing maybe once a week or so, sticking leeches on their sick, and were devoutly committed to being predominantly illiterate, Arabic medicine, philosophy, and literature were first-rate.  Do the Crusades ring a bell for anyone?  Remember when the Moors conquered and civilized Southern Europe during the Middle Ages and occupied it for eight centuries?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

And forget not the wisdom of the coin, dear Narrators, in which China established trade with East Africa a full century before the Europeans, and didn't do any of their damage.

Now, people can say "media this" and "media that" and Eurocentric curriculum, etc. but to be honest, I'm not interested.  The information is out there.  I know it; billions of people know it.

To worship a thing is to give it power.  Cease your adulation, and it fades.  Ladies and gents, it's time to let this unhealthy practice fade.  Whenever members of our peoples engage in white worship, we kill our ancestors all over again; we pain them in the afterline.  We dismiss their brilliant, lasting, most wondrous legacies, and we hollow out our very selves.

There was a time when we didn't care about our northern white cousins.  We didn't need or want anything from them, really.  They wanted us, they wanted our resources, and they wanted our attention.  They killed, enslaved, colonized, and robbed us to get what they wanted.  *shakes head*  When it comes to giving them our respect, our trust, and our love, they have a long ways to earn it.

So my fellow POC, I beseech you to quit rolling over like punk bitches and just handing it to them.


  1. *reads* Wait, did that person really insult Tuvok for NOT giving into his baser instincts and break his marriage vows with a 'hot woman'? Did they call him a p*ssy for having self-control and more than a shred of honour?

    Wow. That's just...wow. Well, that tells me an awful lot; emphasis on 'awful'.

  2. That was amazing to read. His use of written English was really good. I didn't hear about skin bleaching until college and it still creeps me out to this day. I co sign this hard. White Worship is lost on me.

  3. I didn't hear about skin bleaching until college and it still creeps me out to this day.

    I knew about it in childhood. Soooooo creeped me out.

  4. Skin bleaching is too prevalent out here as well. It's very disheartening when you see adults walking around scarred after one too many applications; it's even worse when they either encourage their children to do so or, worse, do it to their children before the child can make any choices of their own. :(

  5. Understand what I am trying to say? History is not a victory lap for the USA, no by a mile. I know that american history as it is presented to you tries to tell you that. It tries to convince you that somehow there is a white line of heritage from the acient egyptians to you guys. Well, there is none. You are not the princes of Egypt. Or anything else.

    OUCH!!! I can see why he shut the thread down. Dude brought the pain and made the troll look even more ignorant and troll-ish. I mean, you can't argue with THAT!

    ...first, we have access to two oceans...

    Troll (aka Chuck) actually wrote *that.* He actually put that on paper.

    America will remain a superpower...

    *shakes head* The devil IS a lie!

  6. I didn't hear of Alhambra until 3 years ago. Probably because the white supremacy complex can't find a way to take credit for it.

  7. I didn't hear of Alhambra until 3 years ago. Probably because the white supremacy complex can't find a way to take credit for it.

    Sickening, isn't it?

  8. @ modest-goddess

    They're trying. Many attempt to explain that the Moors were more Berber and Arab than black African. Anything to squeeze us out of "their" history.

  9. English is not the best but clear enough to understand his positon and he used more intelligence.

    He not precise about the historical details but he is close enough.

    He had more answers than the other man.

  10. I have a back guy friend who is Guilty of white worship, and it makes me sick to my stomach. I honestly think it stems from an inferiority complex... He overcompensates around them and tries his hardest to fit in and Of Course he loves white women and doesn't understand why black women must be so "ghetto" I honestly want to purchase a copy of black man white mask, or brainwashed by Tom Burrell

  11. 500yrs later, europe, still the shit hole of the world. they've gone from being full of plague to infecting Africans with aids, and Chinese with sars, and bird flu. Chinese are still selling the crazies some stuff, and still do not need them nor was there anything the europeans could give the Chinese. this is why the european/american regimes need to spend so much money on propaganda, to convince you otherwise, but the propaganda doesn't work on me, nor does it seem to work on many blacks.


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