Men I Have Loved...or "He Can Get It!"

This is a list of Asian men that I have loved throughout the years and thus, have maintained space in certain recesses of my heart.  The list is not exhaustive, as I love men.  However, compiling this particular roster has made me revisit those areas of my heart where these men reside and the time in which they came to live in it.  These are fond recollections, and I’ve tried to include when and where I first fell in love with each of them.

“He Can Get It,” of course, means exactly that.  Each one of these men could get it.

1.  Bruce Lee.  Lee; Enter the Dragon. “My style?  You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.”

2.  Rick Yune.  Johnny Tran;The Fast and the Furious.  “I’ll see you in the desert next month.  Be ready to have your ass handed to you.” If Ricky’s rollin’, then I’m ridin’.  Lookin’ that damn fine, hell yes.

3. Ken Watanabe.  Katsumoto; The Last Samurai. “I have introduced myself.  You have introduced yourself.  This is a very good conversation.” Rock on, Ken, with your sexy ass.

4. Russell Wong.  Park; New Jack City.

5. Chow Yun-Fat.  King Mongkut; Anna and the King. “When a woman who has much to say says nothing, her silence can be deafening.” He’s beautiful.  I don’t think I would have minded being the mom of one of his 63 children.

6. Jet Li.  Wah Sing Ku; Lethal Weapon 4.  “If this was Hong Kong, you’d already be dead.” When he first appeared on screen, I blurted out (in the theater): “Damn, he fine!”  But his silence, the black outfit, and the way he broke down Riggs & Murtaugh in the foyer of Murtaugh’s home said it all. 


  1. These are iconic choices. Can't really argue with any of them.

  2. Great choices. I would have to add Takeshi Kaneshiro to your list. He doesn't have to say anything. That face of his does it all.

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  4. @ Student

    I think you meant to post that on the post before this one.

  5. ....@ post These are the type of men that make otherwise rational women become frothing lunatics.

    I got into a fight with my best friend once over Hyo Shin Park. It was all hypothetical but still funny as hell.
    Me: That's my baby's daddy.
    Her: Um I think you meant *my* baby's daddy.
    Her: I'm Korean so i have dibbs
    Me: You don't even speak Korean, Courtney!

    Annd back and forth. Until it got ridiculous. Like just, insults flying back and forth (we were like in junior high)and then it got physical and we broke a fan.

  6. How can you not add James Pax from the short lived Nasty Boys. He is absolutely FINE. Also, there is Ron Yuan. He does a lot of action movies.

  7. @ sachab28

    I really liked Ron Yuan when he played a shaman on Angel.

  8. Gong Yoo AKA Coffee Prince could have it... Especially after his military service. See here http://www.koreanclicks.com/korean-stars-news/gong-yoos-recent-photos ^_^

  9. A few more I would add are:
    Rain in Ninja Assassin, covered in fake blood (sick, I know but I can't help but find it sexy)

    Tony Jaa- The Protector, Ong Bak 1,2 &3. Very nice body with some serious Muay Thai skills

  10. Michelle, nice to meet you. Clearly, you'll be right at home here.

  11. I love Masaya Kato. He was in This movie called "Brother" with Omar Epps (Directed by Takeshi Kitano)He's a former model. I first saw him in this awful movie with Jacqueline Bisset called, "Crime Broker".

    Another is Andy On. He was in "Black Mask 2".


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