DN's Interactions #4 - ...tsk and... He what?

This is a long one.

This first one is over the internet interaction:

Now for the …tsk (I usually make this sound when I think “Dumba*s” <– remember this

I am on a langauge exchange chat that a friend suggested. She uses it too. Well, since I had only one class today I was on and chatting with other people.

Some guy who is 25 asked to chat with me. I figure he is like the other people, just chatting to improve their skills in English.

We greet each other and then he immediately asks for a picture. I told him since I am at work I can’t give one. He keeps asking for picture, so I put it in simpler terms: NO PICTURE. AT WORK.

He says ok.

Then there was nothing for a bit and I keep chatting with the other nice people.

To get a conversation going, I say what town I live in (It is huge don’t worry about him trying to find me. He has no idea what I look like.)

He replies he lives in Seoul. I say I go there every month and will be there this weekend.

He asks if I want to meet.

I don’t mind.

(I meet my Koreans friends there all the time and am meeting a friend there also at the Mall. Plus, LBFOM — little brothers from other mothers — are not far away either. I call every time I go to Seoul and they find me. I am always in public.)

I say I am staying there for a couple of days.

He says something about him wanting everything. I don’t understand what he means.

I say, I leave Sunday. He wants to meet Sunday at 1pm. I will be home at that time because I check out at 11. He thinks about it.

He asks if I am pretty.

I think that is a strange question — I am weary of him — and answer that the teachers and students think so. (I have had strangers come up and say that to me. Men and Women.) [DN's Note: Happened again when I went to go get my hair done, flat twists against head, and had to ask LBFAM #1 J what the older woman said. More on LBFAM #1 Later in the post.]

He says good.

He doesn’t say anything for a while. Then he asks…


Do you like sex?

Me: …tsk

I close the chat room.

Then go back to chatting with other people.

Now for the "...He what?" part of the title.

This is about LBFAM #1 J.

J is a cute, nice, sweetie of a guy.

More on that in a minute. This is what happened.

I was meeting a friend in Seoul and I told John I was in Seoul. He usually comes and meets me when he can make it. M couldn't come because he is busy studying for some big test. My friend and John were both late.

When J called me telling he is running late and I told him it was okay because my friend K is too.

K is a teacher here who has plenty of AM/BW interactions -- from what I hear, some are NSFW. I have asked her to come on the Narrative, but she don't wanna.

J has told me numerous times, it's hard for him to find a girlfriend because he is too short. He is my height, I may be a little taller. K is shorter than him and wanted to meet him. I told her he was cute and last time she couldn't meet him because he was busy.

Well, I picked her up and we met up with J at the Mall. He was dressed up -- nice semi long trench, jeans, dress shoes -- considering what I usually see him wearing -- regular jacket, jeans, sneakers. Even his hair was different.

He greeted K and I. Since we met up late, he asked if I had time for a movie. I told him we both had to leave in a couple of hours to get to our hair appointments on time, since they were almost 2 hours away. He understood, so we found something to eat instead.

J mostly talked to me, I figured it was because he just met her and was more comfortable talking to me. We ate and we talked. When we parted ways J said to call him when I am done and maybe we can hang out later if I am done. K told me differently later on, she saw things I didn't notice on our way back to Seoul after our appointments.

Me: Next time he meets you, he would talk to you more.

K: He likes you.

Me: ...Huh?

K: He likes you.

Me: ... How you figure?

K: How many times has he text you when we left? (we were on our way back to Seoul)

J text me a couple of times while we were taking the subway to catch our bus.

K: And he did the hand gesture. (She puts her hand on my shoulder.)

K got a text from her ABM friend who is a teacher to and he wants to go a club that happens to be (WAY) up the street from the hotel we stay at and she says ok.

She tells them she is bringing me and then get a call from J. He asks if I was done and what I was doing. I said I am going to the club with K in Apgujeong (area where he stays).

He said ok and told me to have fun. J did not sound happy about that at all.

It was fun though. I had to go in and out of the club because of the people smoking and it was giving me a headache. But lordy, the eye candy in there.

When I went out to the convenience store when I had enough of the smoke, I met a few of the guys I saw in the club. I didn't think they noticed me but apparently they did.

One cutie with a nice smile and his friend walked in the store. He smiled when he saw me.

Cutie #1 - Something in Korean (I slightly understood)

Me: Huh? Where?(I didn't realize he was referring to me at first. He also may have said it in Korean. It was 1AM and I wasn't all there.)

Cutie's friend: He said He saw you in the club.

Me: Oh. I didn't think anyone noticed me. (I was not dressed for a club. Wearing a Mario mushroom hoodie and my jeans and sneakers. Chilling out attire. No make-up and scarf from India on my head to keep hairstyle fresh. And the smoke smell off.)

Cutie and friend smile. They purchased their stuff and left. Cutie left with a lingering look and smile.

Damn it, I need to learn Korean faster.

Other stuff that happened that night I will post on my blog.

LBFAM #1 is not going to hear about that part.

Last time we text each other that night, was the first time I left the club saying that I wasn't a club person. He seemed happy about the in the text and when he called later on. This is before the interaction with the men.


Ok, advice on what I should do with LBFAM #1 J.

I like him, but I don't see him that way. He is 26 years old. That doesn't really bother me any more, but I am pretty sure we are not on the same level. I can go same level or higher, not lower.

He remembers what I like -- knows I love some of Sexy (brings it up often and think it is because of body, I tell him because Sexy is smart and sweet, body is a bonus) -- now, knows what music I dislike and that we are a bit of opposites. He listens to more American music and stopped listening to KPOP. I listen to KPOP and stopped listening to American music. We both did this for the same reasons, it all sounds the same after a bit. He told K that he and I are opposites -- I dislikes everything he like and they laughed about it.

Really, advice is needed.


  1. I truly don't know, but it would make sense that he likes you, cause guys always text alot to girls that they are feeling. I know you said that you don't like him in that way, but do you think there is possible potential for something serious to happen, or will only continue to be brotherly?

  2. I would just wait and see. If he likes you he needs to make his intentions clear. Generally if men approach women in a friendly manner it is because they find them attractive.

  3. I'm feeling old because this "texting" to show interest is just way out there.

    He listens to more American music and stopped listening to KPOP. I listen to KPOP and stopped listening to American music. We both did this for the same reasons

    I'm wondering why you both did this. Why would anyone stop listening to a specific type of music, especially when the music has such a broad spectrum? Please understand that I'm not passing any sort of judgment. I've just never encountered this before. **naturally nosy** :D

  4. I agree with modest goddess, wait and see what he does, if he goes out of his way for you. To me the fact that you call him your little brother tells that you didn't consider him as a potential mate from the beginning... Maybe it should stay that way?

    As for the pervert: well, they are everywhere lol

    I want to hear more about the waiter (been reading your blog) and all these cute guys hitting & smiling at you just make me want to go to Korea XD

  5. I want to hear more about the waiter (been reading your blog) and all these cute guys hitting & smiling at you

    As do I. As do we all.

    Combined we've got siblings a-plenty. Now's the time to focus on the non-brotherly folk.

  6. @ Hateya

    It all started sounding the same to us.


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