DN's Korean Interactions pt. 3

This is several days of interactions, plus I did an interview with my other Little Brother From Another Mother, Max (25). LBFAM John translated for me what he said. He added a little more information on his part too afterward. This may clarify a few of the gripes I had on John's interview.

Max answered the same way John did, but Mx never dated a Black women or outside his race before. I think because Max is all about studying right now and had no time to date really. He made time to come out and meet us to hang out. He has already been through the military too.

Female. Attractive. Interested in me too. Okay, go for it!

What does race got to do with anything?

John added if she has a nice body.

I told him the younger students call me S-Line teacher (S-line = figure 8 body).

John (shock): What?! Really?!

Me: Oh, that's right. You've never seen me without my coat and hoodie.

John: Hmmm.... (Side looks at me with a smirk.)

Me: No. You are already LBFAM.

John: (snaps fingers) Damn... Little Brother From another Mother (smile). I like the way that sounds. (laughs). Anyway, race doesn't matter. Plus, we aren't the age where we are thinking about marriage. That is why we are not sure what attracts us completely to a person. We don't think about it. We are still trying to figure out what attracts us.

That answered all questions that I read on the site in my mind. Until they are thinking about marriage, they pretty much go with the flow.

Now other interactions with Korean Men.

Lotte World (an amusement Park inside and outside):

Checked out by different men. Some of them were with their girl as they passed by us.

Me and other black friend commented on it as we walked around: Dude, can't be checking us out like that when you are with your girl.

She lives here too and I will ask her input on interactions she has had here when we meet in a couple of weeks.

Korean Old man told me I was awesome in Korean and he loved my hair (braids).
Only reason I know what he said was because two cute younger Korean guys sitting next to me told me. Very cute, tall guys and the one next to me seemed interested.

Quiet ya'll there was not time to get info, they had to get off the subway. It may have been a bit awkward too since I was kind of the center of attention. Older Koreans seem to like me. Especially the hair.

Old man on train was teasing me and mimicking the expression I make when I was searching for something or thinking. (the type of teasing where you are playing with kids or pissing off your sibling) What I feel shows on my face and sometimes I apparently stick out my tongue to the side when I am searching for something. When I realized what he was doing we both laughed. I think I look really young to some people.

Went to movie theater the other day and a couple of the movie theater guys seem really happy to see me. They perk up when I come by.

Went to Cafe today, and they added more guys (there are girls too, whom are very sweet, but I am not into women so...). Cute, but not as cute as Cafe Guy (who has a nice butt I noticed.) I think I've been caught checking him out and now they have more eye candy. That is service.

I have been urged by many Koreans (older ones too) who find out I am not married, have no kids, and have no boyfriend. After they ask why they then say "Korean man. Very good. You should do this." While they nod sagely. (Seriously, they do. Like the old man in the kung-fu movie just without the beard and stroking of it or the chin).

OMG moments...

I am seeing Korean commercials with Black People in them. I almost fell out my chair when I noticed. If I can find the commercial I will link it. The problem is I have no idea what it was for. The little girl was adorable and had on a cute dress. You can tell she was black too, there was no guessing and her hair was natural.

This is what I get to see when I walk around in Korea, especially in Seoul: EYE CANDY! Not them exactly, but I see them almost every time I go out.

Whatever I left out is probably on my blog. I need to get some sleep.

Here is a pic of Max and John. John is in the blue coat and apparently Max is very built. He had some hard muscles under that coat. Only reason I know was because John was teasing him and told me it wasn't fair because he is older but Max has the huge muscles. He was feeling Max's arm and said "Reese, He is very built. It's not fair." So, I touched his arm too and was like whoa. Not aloud. I can't wait till summer and yes I will get a picture.

I forgot to add Tae 1 or Taeone. It seems he is an artist that flies under the radar here in Korea. LBFAM know him and tel me to by his CD's. He is really good. He mainly does ballads but he has a good voice and needs more fans in their opinion. I asked him would he let me interview him on the same topic I did for them. He said maybe, when he has time. He is really busy. I asked them what they think he would think of the topic and maybe most of his new fans being black women. He said he LOVES women, he does not care. It is hard to find vids of him and here is at least one of them.

And another. I think this was for some show.


- DN


  1. DN: thanks for the post and sharing with us incidences of Korean men taking notice of you sistas! Good stuff :) And thanks ever so much for the link to hot Korean guys...guydamn! That is just what I needed this morning to wake me up!

  2. This is a random but kind of an on subject comment. lol The girl in the first Tae1 video really slapped him hard. And none of that quick slapping either. She really followed through with it. Her hand was still there way after he turned his face to the side. OMG I was LOLing sooooo hard.

    Back on subject. I think she should give the young ones a chance. Another blogger that lives in China is married to a guy younger than her. As long as you two are on the save wave length mentally. You're good. :)

    Ok back to the actual post.

  3. @ DN

    Good post, chica.

    I'm waiting to read the parts where folks start collectin' your digits and taking you to dinner for NSFW reasons.

  4. I hope you can find the commercial to share with us. I've been reading a lot of Korean expat blogs and trying to fix up your female coworkers with Korean men seems to be a common theme.

  5. @blackwomenlovebi

    You are welcome. I will find more eye candy for you, but it will be on my blog so I won't clutter Ankh's.


    Yeah, she really hit him for the video.

    The reason I call John LBFAM is because of a text he sent me one day. I went to get my hair braided and I said I will meet Him and Max when I am done. I will call when I am on my way up there. I told him how long it would take too. I just got my hair finished and was paying and chatting with her when my phone said I had a message (literally). I open it and saw this text:

    "Reese, ain't you done yet?" (exact words)

    MY first thought, "Shut up, Steven! (my 6'5 younger brother whose 21) I told you what I was doing damn it."

    Then looked at the name...

    "Wait, that's John. ... LOL!"

    He text me a message that is exactly what MY brother would say or text me when waiting. He is officially Little Brother from another Mother.

    On the other note, if the guy is on my level then I can give him a chance.


    Me too.

    @ Modest Goddess

    I will try. It is a seriously strange commercial.

  6. DN,

    This is OT, but I just had to thank you! Ankh forwarded me your PeterFever link and...and...just let me say thanks from the very bottom of my heart and my lusty, smutty soul! Talk about inspiration? Methinks a shortie (short story) may come out of this. Pun intended.

  7. *blushes* Sorry, DN...couldn't keep it all to myself.

    Ahem...maybe you could do a feature on You-Know-Who.

  8. @ Amaya

    No problem.

    @ Ankh

    Which You - Know - Who?

    And the rest of you tell me what you think of Tae 1.

  9. @ DN

    Oh girl, you know which one I'm talking about. The one you emailed me about. The one with the NSFW pix.

    *raises eyebrow*

    You know.

  10. @ Ankh

    I'll do it when I am not at work. So when I find more of these do I nned to do a feature on them too? I will send them to you for approval first.

  11. @DN

    This is what I get to see when I walk around in Korea, especially in Seoul: EYE CANDY! Not them exactly, but I see them almost every time I go out.

    But how to do you know? Most of the guys around you are dressed, right? Almost every guy I see on a regular basis is ripped and is either hiding a four-pack or a six-pack. Nothing makes me happier than a skinny guy discovering the joys and addiction of working out. ;D I love random yawns that yank shirts from pants.

    I'm interested in the commercial, too. You said the little girl had natural hair. The commercial featuring a little black girl here also has natural hair. Hmmmm....

  12. The way the clothes they are wearing fit. And sometimes you can clearlt see the shape of their arms in the shirts too. Plus, I go around when people are usually at work and not wearing a jacket just their uniform. Oh, I love the way the pants fit here. <-- I doubt I need to explain this.

  13. I'm having a lot of fun reading your posts DN. Keep 'em coming girl.


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