More Blasian info + Blasianish Video

This will be a short post. I found a couple of articles on AM/BW dating.

By BlasianBytch

By J.T.

I think you guys would love FunkyMonkey's comment.

Some guy who got up the nerve and is trying to start a Blasian relationship after following some of J.T.'s advice.

I put the cut here because the video is NSFW.

Yes, I am still looking for features.

Here is a video that at the end is Blasian...ish

(AW/AM/BM) ...yeah

Hilarious though.


  1. They won me with the cat in the bag. Epic. Hahaha!

  2. I maintain that you're a crazy woman.

  3. ....Was that Romany malco Jr. at the end? What the fuck did I just watch?! ROFLMAOOO!

  4. Thanks for linking me! Much appreciated and best of luck to ya!

  5. @ JT

    Thanks for stopping by our humble blog. Come back and see us.

  6. OMFG! What on Earth was that? LMAO!

  7. This video's crazy, waaaah O_O

    Thanks for linking J.T.'s article. It's refreshing to read what an Asian Man has to say about this. It has been discussed before, but I always feel like we (Black Women) are more likely to openly say we are attracted to Asian Men than AM are to say that they like BW.

    The more I socialize, the more I see patterns shifting around though. Last time I met an incredibly interesting Chinese guy who asked me after 10 min if I had any preferences in dating. Yeah, Asian men can be blunt too... =D

  8. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    That video was so~ strange but hilarious. If anything it just makes me more sure that those "sex tips" in magazines are absolutely silly. >__<'

    I've been thinking about it for awhile and was wondering if you would accept a submission about little old me and my relationship with a (Taiwanese) American guy. I think the first post would just focus on how we met/got together. A little complicated but I think it's rather interesting :)

    Thanks again ladies!

  9. @ Kalamari

    Contact Moi with your story.

  10. I love how lurkers are getting brave enough to step out of the shadows and up to the plate. Bravo, Kalamari!

    This is the beauty of a site like this; when you discover that you are not the only one who thinks and feels and wants the way you do. Revelation and perspective are wonderful constructs.

  11. excellent links, my fave quote:
    "On that note any actions that can confirm to her that you’ve formulated your entire concept of Blackness and Black people from BET is most likely going to be a deal breaker. "


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