New Blog Series: "Shorties..."

I've recently opened my heart and mind to the Blasian movement--and what an opening it is--and I want to try my hand at some experimental fiction to see if I have what it takes to be a Blasian author.  I'm a bit nervous; stepping out of one's comfort zone tends to do that.  I know the temperature of this particular audience, so constructive feedback is not only welcome, but craved.

So I'm starting a blog series called "Shorties."  Shorties are short stories, and these will feature Blasian pairings. Since "Blasian" has been modified to include males of other cultures including Samoan and Native American, I'm venturing towards the latter in my first shortie.  It's called "The End of a Love Affair," and the protagonists are Zuri Troy and Kitchi Eastman, FBI agents assigned to Violent Crimes.

I should add that, for me, a short story is about 30-40 pages.  I suffer from literary elephantiasis.



  1. Congrats, dearie. I hope your "Shorties" become very popular.

  2. *trots off to read*

    My lecturer is reviewing my thesis' draft, so I have some time to kill. :)

  3. Oh, why did I see this when I was on my way to bed? I can't wait to read these. I know they'll be fantastic.

  4. I need to buckle down and read these bad boys.

  5. Now that this round is complete, I'll be nabbing, pdf-ing and sending it to my kindle. Yay!

  6. I hope site is still doing very well, and that you keep writing.


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