Raizo/Mika fanfic notice

My attention was recently drawn to Porn Battle XI (Eleven Days of Porn), in which participants choose a prompt and write smutty fiction (or create a drawing, painting, video or song). I was pleased to find Raizo/Mika fic! I've included an excerpt below, please read and enjoy.

"I'm not sure this is prudent," Mika said, and Raizo looked up at her.

His eyebrows rose eloquently. "Why not?" He asked.

"It's not very secure," she said, though when he sat back on his heels her hips arched helplessly toward him. His calloused fingertips were rough against her skin, and one knee was hooked over his shoulder.

"It will be fine," he said steadily.

"You'd better be sure," Mika warned. "Because of all the times to be interrupted - "

"I promise," he said, and he was smiling again.

"Good to know," she started, and then he hitched her thigh higher over his shoulder, leaned forward, and licked luxuriously between dark curls. Mika gasped unsteadily and her hips bucked; the warmth of his mouth against the coolness of the air was a rush. Her fingers dug into the blankets. Read more...

I really, truly cannot resist the urge to share this fic too.


  1. I have dumb question: how does one raise their eyebrows "eloquently"?

  2. Hell, you had me at "Porn Battle XI."

  3. @Ankh

    Lol, I dunno. Eloquently = gracefully right?


    Yes! I went through a huge list of submissions with chromatic casts. It was so lovely?



  4. @ eccentricyoruba

    But only in speech, right? Not movement?

  5. It's Sexy we are talking about here, he can do it.


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