.... -.- *sigh* WTF.

Someone explain this to me please.

I found via Coco in Korea.

Rough translation: A bizzare girl eating soap and laundry detergent

This too...

I have heard of only a couple of these like the Olive oil in the air (researching on internet).

I wanna just B*tch slap -- read punch upside the damn head -- the girl. That is my first reaction. It's like that girl that eats toilet paper. Really.. Where is your Mama or family to smack sense into you?


  1. I love your Blog, as a person who is of mixed heritage, Chinese and African, i find anything that deals with Asian and black culture very interesting.hope you don't mind that i added you to my blogroll.

  2. I think it's some type of weird nutrition imbalance that makes people eat inedible things. I saw a program about it somewhere. LOL

    Some person was like: "I just really like eating crayons and I have no idea why. Do you know how many calories is in these things by the way?

    SMH medical abnormalities are always the best.

  3. SMH....This is a shame. I wanna slap that woman. What the hell is wrong with her?! I translated the article and basically, she started eating soap and detergent because she was depressed and sad that her boyfriend wasn't with her. She said that the smell of the detergent comforted her because it reminded her of when her mom used to wash sheets and clothes..... @_____@ What kinda mess is that? Who says, "I'm going to start eating soap because I'm lonely and desperate for my man to come back?!" Ugh. Whatever. That tradition things Black people do....I found that offensive. It's sad that Koreans actually think we rub urine in our kids' faces like beasts. But...I cannot be too surprised. @___@

  4. Ok, so we all know it's utterly ridiculous that she was eating all of that.

    Oh, according to the previous comment, she was eating that because she was depressed. Even so, I can't help but also wonder why she allowed that behavior to be caught on film.
    She needed to keep that outlandish habit to herself. Especially as a minority, her behavior will no doubt be projected in some way onto black women as a whole.
    And what, was she in Korea when she was doing this?

  5. @ E.Michael Liu & ChocolateBunni:-3

    Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. I read the comment and assumed that the girl in question had pica, but after seeing the picture, I don't think pica is not her problem. Her expression appears deliberate.

    As far as the second link, a lot of those are country or southern superstitions. Most of them I have heard from my mother and aunts all my life (and a few of them were ingrained so much that I wasn't able to break the habits until recently). I read that list and recalled fond memories of hearing (in a serious voice, no less) to do or not to do those things. And obeying. Without question.

  7. Correction: I don't think pica IS her problem.

  8. @Ankhesen, Thank you :D

    @ midnightskies,
    Perhaps she wanted the attention to get this guy's attention. I don't know. Whatever the case, she is rediculous. Also according to the article, she is a nursing student. Can y'all believe that? A nursing student eating soap?! Oh, I suppose since it's in Korean, it happened in Korea. It doesn't say where it happened.
    THANK YOU! You read my mind. When I saw the pictures I thought, "Hell, now Korean people will really think we're crazy and disgusting." Just the way she was looking all insane at that soap *shudders* NOT HELPING POSITIVE IMAGES OF BLACK WOMEN. -.-" Well, she did seek help and got treatment and as of the last of the article, does not eat soap any longer.

  9. I think it happened i the States. I am not sure.


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