African Women Want Chinese Husbands!

I suddenly remembered this post I wrote last year, African Women Want Chinese Husbands!. I'm cross-posting here (with slight edits) because a year has passed and somehow it remains relevant.

"African women want Chinese husbands" is such an eye-catching title isn’t it? To be more specific, it seems some Tanzanian women are actively searching for Chinese husbands! I really do not know whether to laugh or cry, nevertheless, I find this wholly interesting. So, the full stroy; I was searching Google for something or the other when I came across some forums discussing the issue at hand. I followed a link to this wonderful article on TimesOnline UK. I would have embedded the entire article below but instead chose just the juicy parts.
Zaina, 28, a tall Tanzanian woman, intends to cash in on the new Chinese presence in Africa. She is planning to find herself an oriental husband.
“I had hoped to get a Westerner like you,” she told The Times. “But they are few and far between these days and Chinese are not so fussy and I’m not getting any younger. They say they are racist, but they like local women.”
ZOMG! “The Chinese are not so fussy”? And even though they are racist, they actually like local Africans girls?! The world is coming to an end. This is how China is really going to colonise Africa, by leaving hoards of half-Chinese babies in their wake. (Note to everyone: Please do not take this paragraph seriously.)
“It is early, Chinese men work hard and come later, they not lazy like Tanzanians,” Zaina said. “Problem is many, many girls; me not really their type. I am tall and slim. They prefer small, fat ladies with paler skins,” she said, confiding with a whisper that some of the girls were busy applying skin-lightening ointment. “They buy it in Congo — we call them the Michael Jacksons.”
Thus, certain ‘problems’ start popping up. For example, the part about Chinese men being more hard working than Tanzanian men, I have actually heard this somewhere else before and that was when I was researching on the presence of Chinese workers in Africa for my dissertation. The saddest part though is the part about the bleaching. Do I really need to tell these women need to stop bleaching? “If someone cannot accept you the way you are then they do not deserve you”..

Word has spread through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s main commercial centre, that many of the Chinese men who have flooded into the country in recent years are open to marrying local women. In reality, only a handful of marriages have taken place.

Critics of the growing relationship with Beijing say that Chinese are now marrying local women to circumvent restrictions on foreigners gaining residency permits and owning land and companies. Such restrictions often do not apply to people married to Tanzanian nationals who can easily also gain nationality.
Could this possibly be the truth of the matter? Is marrying local women a means of smuggling ivory and other risque products such as drugs into China?
“They love our women, especially the ones with big bottoms. I don’t know why they have that reputation for racism. That’s certainly not the case here.” Others say that the Chinese are using their women as mules to carry ivory from poached elephants and rhinos out of the country and drugs on the way back again.
Wonders shall never cease. I also found some of the comments below the article interesting but the comments are not what I want to address in this post…to be honest, I do not have anything much to address. Except that I enjoyed reading this article. Of course there are many things to address, things that some people may find problematic however, I am not ready to go into that just now.

In other news, just last week I found an interesting video on youtube that deals with the theme of this post. I guess it is meant to be a documentary or something. It is in several parts and is about a Chinese man’s marriage to an Ethiopian woman. It is poorly subbed but here is the video below,"

I was never really able to participate in the comments section over at my blog because at the time I initially wrote this, I was moving between three countries and did not have the time. I'm looking forward to reading your opinions on this situation. 

As for me, now that a year has gone by and I've seen movies such as 'White Hunters Part 1 & 2' I know that things do not happen in a vaccuum. I find this assumption that African women only go for foreign men due to them supposedly being walking bags of money offensive. That this idea keeps on being spread around in various media outlets is distressing to say the least.


  1. Although this is sweet in a way, the subject kinda makes me uncomfortable. The Tanzanian lady of the article rejects Tanzanian men and places Chinese men higher, but still under White men. And some of these women are ready to bleach their skin to attract those "better" men. Nothing has really changed...

    Now, as of the Youtube video that you linked... Now THAT's what I like to see ^

  2. @EccentricYoruba

    Are these women insane?! Do they have any sense at all? Where is their self-respect? It blows my mind that some women would enter an interracial AND intercultural relationship for these stupid reasons. Generalizing, stereotyping, just pain racism, pure unadulterated self-hatred, blatant stupidity... Every time I learn of something like this, I feel as if someone is stabbing me in the heart. It hurts PHYSICALLY.

    Though I haven't yet seen the video, thank you in advance. I'm downloading it now.

  3. Tanzanians....lazy, since when?

    It's sad what some of these women are doing to draw Chinese men. If these men want to marry them, they will care less about what they look like and love them for them. I also think that the BBC title about the Tanzanian women " cashing" in on these guys were derogatory. It made it seem that neither groups can do no better..like Asian and Black people cannot love each other.-M

  4. @ M - Yes, there has to be desperate reasons to get those two together. I mean, why ever else would they possibly want to marry?

  5. ^ I'm being sarcastic, just in case it wasn't clear. :)

  6. @ leonprincess,


  7. @Sica

    I understand your discomfort and agree when you say that nothing has changed.


    I don't think they even know what self-respect means. I can only imagine how it feels to enter an interracial relationship for reasons such as these and it does happen.

    Have you watched the video yet? What do you think of it?


    You know that stereotype that says Africans are lazy...people can be stupid.

    I am with you on the chasing part.


    That's a very good question.

  8. @EccentricYoruba
    Have you watched the video yet? What do you think of it?

    I've decided to not comment on the plethora of negatives and only focus on the positive. The couple themselves are precious because theirs seem to be a union based purely on love and that is always a cause for celebration. I love that prior to the relationship, neither seemed to have been specifically interested in dating people from each other's country/region of the world. That isn't requirement of love.

    I also like how they laughed and talked to one another like good friends and I enjoyed his mother's candid discussion of the events. While it's true the language barrier can be a problem, it isn't an insurmountable one and I'm thrilled that the two women get along so well despite that minor issue. I'm also pleased that everything concerning them was limited to the family and not society at large, as it should be!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    P.S. I hope his parents turn up the heat the next time Yana visits. Brrrr....

  9. This can only be a good thing. I hope this couple live a happy and prosperous life. There are too many idiots with racist views from all races. If they don't like it; tough.

  10. I am mixed black and Native American mom and white dad. I will be married to my half Korean husband 4 years this month. The article really seems silly to suggest the only way a black woman could be interested in an Asian man is money I would bet the originator of that is not black or Asian. I made more money than my hubby to begin with now that's not the case. Marrying anyone of another culture with a strong cultural identity can get testy so doing it for any reason than love is absurd and certainly not end well.



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