The End of a Love Affair: Smutty Outtake

Okay, so I thought I was done with Zuri Troy and Kit Eastman, but they told me Sunday night that they wanted to have sex.  So...

Warning:  NC-17 and a mild fetish...

The plan was to actually try and go out for the evening.  Kit didn’t mind Jelani being a part of the date; he wanted to include my child in nearly everything we did.  It made our dating plans interesting, for they had to accommodate a three-month old baby.



  1. Now THAT was some sexy breastfeeding. Brava!

  2. And it's to be continued, Amaya? Write a novel already!!!!

  3. @GM--I know it's a quirk, but I couldn't help thinking about it; thus, writing about it. Kit and Zuri are so hot to me. Thanks for reading!

    @Ankh: Naah. Not yet anyway. There's no plot idea to stick these two in. Besides, I won't even try to write another Blasian novel until "Corruption" is finished.

  4. I've loved this entire series!!! Zuri and Kit were hot the moment he showed up at her apartment. Even J____ is serving a purpose. More! More! More!


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