Monsieur Nov

Saw this on ShaSha's blog and had to share! Monsieur Nov is a French R&B singer of Asian descent and his video features a beautiful black woman as his love interest.

Trop Fresh

Je ne sais pas comment tu te nommes
Juste qu'il y a beaucoup trop d'hommes
Qui rôdent autour de toi
(qui rôdent autour de toi)
Je sais que trop souvent tu te donnes
Que tu es magnifique et bonne
Oups, pardonne ma vulgarité
C'est le stress qui fait ça
Maintes fois j'ai essayé
De te faire la conversation
Crois-moi, je suis qu'un bolosse
En matière de séduction
Ch'uis pas un pro, d'ailleurs là j'improvise
Je ne suis qu'un novice en la matière
Ta beauté me met à terre
Tu es trop fraîche
Il faut que je me dépêche
Avant que les autres mecs
Mettent la grappe sur toi
Tu es trop fraîche
Il faut que j'allume la mèche
Il n'y a rien qui n'empêche
Que ça prenne entre toi et moi
Je ne sais pas ce que je dois faire
Pour t'attirer et te plaire
Pour que tu me regardes des fois
(que tu me regardes des fois)
Je sais que t'es une fille qui vaut cher
T'aimes qu'on te mette bien, qu'on te gère
Je n'adhère pas à ce que tu es
Mais tes fesses me mettent en émoi
Maintes fois j'ai essayé
De te faire ma déclaration
Crois-moi, je suis pas un player
Mais là n'est pas la question
Ch'uis pas un, pro d'ailleurs là j'improvise
Je ne suis qu'un novice en la matière
Ta beauté me met à terre
Tous les hommes t'envient
Te courtisent et te prient
Te disent cela et puis ceci
(te disent cela et puis ceci)
Souvent tu t'offres à eux
Parfois beaucoup, parfois un peu
Par amour mais souvent par jeu
Femme, je suis là
Dis-moi si tu veux que ça soit lent ou pressé
Comment tu veux être appréciée
On a plus qu'à essayer
Ca y est, il faut que je me magne
Je saurai te manier
Si tu souris, c'est que c'est gagné
(refrain x2)

Too Fresh

I don't know what your name is
Just know that too many men
Are hanging around you
(hanging around you)
I know that you offer yourself too often
You're gorgeous and hot
Oops, pardon my vulgarity
It's due to stress
So many times I tried
To accost you
Believe me, I suck big time
When it comes to seduction
I'm no expert, besides I'm improvising right now
I'm just a beginner in those stuffs
Your beauty takes my breath away
You're too fresh
I gotta hurry up
Before other guys
Get their hands on you
You're too fresh
I gotta light the fuse
Nothing stops it
From taking off between you and me
I don't know what to do
To attract you and please you
For you to look at me sometimes
(look at me sometimes)
I know you're a very worthy type of girl
You like to be put at your ease, be taken care of
I'm not hung up to who you are
But your bum deeply moves me
So many times I tried
To declare my love for you
Believe me, I'm not a player
But that's not the question
I'm no expert, besides I'm improvising right now
I'm just a beginner in those stuffs
Your beauty takes my breath away
All men desire you
Court and beseech you
Telling you this and that
(telling you this and that)
You often offer yourself to them
Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little
Out of love but more often as a game
Girl, I'm here
Tell me if you want it to be hasty or slow
How you want to be appreciated
Let's just try now
Here I go, I need to hurry up
I'll know how to handle you
If you smile, it'll mean I've made it
(chorus x2)


  1. Je l'aime! C'est trop mignon. Qui est-cette fille? J'ai vue, je pense.

  2. Alright now! Dude is killin' it. Love the video, his voice and the song. I don't need to understand a word to appreciate what he's doing.

  3. Just went to itunes and bought "Groove Therapy", his latest album. Now this is some damn good R&B music.

    Thanks to ShaSha and Modest Goddess.

  4. Thank you, ShaSha and Modest-Goddess! This video is pure love!

  5. I like this. The music and he's singing in French on top of it. I will certainly use this with my French lessons as I'm still trying to learn it.-M

  6. He also has other videos such as this :)
    I just found him through a post on Facebook about a week ago !

  7. I have no idea what the guy is saying but, I can honestly say that, I believe every word. That was moving and ridiculously beautiful.

  8. 8Asians posted a little article about him. Someone who speaks English translated the blurb on his Facebook page: http://www.8asians.com/2011/03/24/monsieur-nov-brings-the-smooth-french-asian-soul/

  9. Lawd, the ending is good...when he's behind her in bed whispering in her ear and running his hand up and down her side?


  10. anonymous J

    I stumbled acroos Mr. Nov on youtube. I am sitting here listening to him, and melting like butter. Glad I was able to come here and find out more about him. Thanks for the translation of Trop Fresh.


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