Narrator: Huy Le

Hi everyone. My name is Huy Le. I am the class clown of the Narrative. As a humor writer, I will bring perspective on socioracioeconomical dynamics, existential trauma, the allowable ratio of maggots in ketchup, unicorns, the quality of commercials on TV, and zombies. I live in Seattle with my wife, Jameelah and our new baby Nam. I'm incredibly lazy, doing the majority of my writing during commercial breaks of my favorite TV shows. While 95% accurate, little of it can be taken seriously. Please check out my personal blog, jaggednoodles.com, which has approximately six readers. I am thankful to the Blasian Narrative for allowing me to be one of the Narrators, a title that I shall try my best not to besmudge. Since I am incredibly averse to having my picture on the internet, here is an image of a dolphin. Dolphins are wondrous creatures. If you are wondering what I look like, try to imagine a cross between John Cho and Steve Buscemi.

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