Narrator: Nicolette

Hello! My name is Nicolette and I am an American of Nigerian decent currently living in Taipei, Taiwan and working on my Master’s in TESOL. This is my first time living abroad. Also, I am in that funny stage of life where you’re struggling to adjust to adulthood and are occasionally irked by a thing called “responsibility” (early 20s). My hobbies include drawing, attempting to convince myself that I can sing, and watching German league soccer.

I was introduced to the Narrative by a friend and remained in lurker status for a while, but I applied to join when the opportunity came about. I’m honored to be included in this inspirational team!

The bulk of my contributions will be split three ways between commentary on my experiences in Taiwan as a black woman, discussion about Chinese-related literature and history (I’m a huge fan of Chinese history), and poetry and short stories (I’m a prolific writer).

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