Narrator: Zydar a.k.a. Boon

Hey everyone, the name's Choong Boon Siew, but y'all can call me Boon. I'm a Mass Comm student who has a passion for theater & performing arts, and with me having graciously accepted the invite from Ankhesen, a general concern about issues affecting people of color.

Firstly, I'd say I'm a mixed bag of nuts. I'm from Malaysia, and was born into an ethno-culturally Chinese family, looked after by Indians in my childhood and most of my friends are Malays. But as I grew older and experienced what life's like outside both the country & continent, my awareness also expanded. Using that old cliche, the school of hard knocks shows you things that are hard to swallow, but go on to prove themselves as necessities in life.

Race is an interesting, if somewhat hard topic for me. Malaysia is a multiethnic, multicultural & multiconfessional nation and ethnic relations can be fraught with tensions, arising from time to time. Adding fuel to the fire is our colonial past and international future, sharply contrasting between white & black (pun very much intended) and the results are both unexpected and extraordinary.

I first encountered The Blasian Narrative via Racialicious (if memory serves me correctly) at the start of 2011. From my journey in race relations both positive & negative, this put a refreshing perspective on things. So I put in a request to contribute in my own way, especially motivated by my deep interest in knowing what others think. I also hazard that this is greatly motivated by my attraction to People of Color, physical and in many cases personal. I definitelty hope to augment & enhance my network of like minded individuals, and to develop living philosophies along the way. So if you're reading this, my regards, and may this unique blend of cultures & colors set the foundations for a more solid future vis-a-vis humankind.

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