"Precession," part 4

A/N:  I'm kinda obsessed with this story.

Previously, in "Precession," Orion showed up one night at Phaedra's house to see her and their son.  Phaedra, understandably furious and upset, allowed him to look at Quintaz, but expressed her hurt and pain at his abandonment by knocking him to the floor.  Orion begged Phaedra's forgiveness and she tentatively agreed to allow him to spend time getting to know Quintaz.  Orion speculated on the possibility of winning Phaedra's heart.

Phaedra and I worked out the days of the week I would get to visit Orion Jr.; Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.  I was no fool; I knew if I missed one visit, she would revoke my privileges and I would never see my son again.


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