Shortie: "Precession"

Okay, so here's my next shortie: "Precession."  Introducing Orion Kazuo Korematsu, inspired by the gorgeous Rick Yune (my baby's daddy), and Phaedra Janelle Thornton, inspired by the lovely Nia Long. This is a story about a man's determination to right a significant wrong and win back the heart of the woman he left. Will Orion be successful?  Let's find out.

There is no denying the fact that I fucked up with the first footsteps that took me away from her, from them. And yet, besieged by weakness and failure, I kept walking. I walked and walked, still hearing her screams and the encouragement of the doctors to “push…push…push….” I hated myself; I felt lower than the slime on the ocean floor; more disgusting than cockroach entrails.


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