All Call for "Shortie" Prompts...

Hey peeps!

So you guys know I write stories.  My specific contribution to the Narrative (and eventually, the world) is to write what I hope to be quality Blasian fiction.  When I don't have any ideas of my own, I ask for prompts.  I work well this way.

So I'm asking for story prompts.  The awesome, lovely DN sent me pics of Peter Le and Godfrey Gao, and I so need to use them in my next two Shorties.  I'm inspired to write (look at these men!) but I am fresh out of ideas.  Feel free to be as dirty as you want; I love hanging out in the gutter.

Floor's open!

Peter Le.  I'd climb that mountain.

Godfrey Gao.  I'd tie him down and do all sorts of luscious things to him.


  1. With pix like that, whatchu need us for?

  2. I don't have any ideas! I want to write; need to write, but I have nothing...nothing to put these hotties into. I've even looked into stuff I wrote YEARS ago...nada!

    Oh well, if we're all fresh out of ideas, then I'll shelve ol' Pete and God until a later date.

  3. As nerdy as this sounds I would love Glen from "The Walking Dead" (Post-Apocalptic love, anyone?) in one. Maybe you could even change the POV? I'm working on my own fictional stories but I could never do one with Glen. If you could work off of that and add your own it would surely be a hit. :)

  4. I'm sorry. Glen doesn't move me. He's not cute enough. I just looked at his pictures and nothing stirred me. But if you have an idea, I'd love to hear it.

  5. Here's something:

    Godfrey is next in line to inherit his father's empire (triad, multi-million company, something of that nature). The rival of his father's company suddenly turns up dead.

    Immediately, every one suspects the Gao family. Godfrey must prove his family's innocence and sets out to do so. On his way he must partner with the dead man's hot black daughter to find out who really killed her father.

    And of course, along the way, the two get into sexy shenanigans and fall in love!

    LOL! I swear it sounds better in my head--but you're the genius so I figure you can flush out the finer details!


  6. Since you're stuck, this is beautiful muse material: http://theasianmale.com/
    I've been enjoying Norm Yip's asian male photography for some time now and I think you would give it the appreciation it deserves.

    Just delurking briefly to say how much I appreciate your writing! hehe! <3

  7. @ Ash & julie

    Welcome! Stay delurked!

  8. I am so appreciative of all of this wonderful information. Don't be surprised if it all congeals into one boss idea. I think I may have one percolating as a result, but please keep the prompts coming. I never know how these things link together; I just know they do.

    Peter's too fine not to have his own fic. And thanks to julie, Jeremy Tang may get one too. If you haven't looked at her link, stop reading this and DO IT NOW!

    @julie: I looked at the link and knew with certainty that there is a God, and He loves Jeremy's mother.

  9. @Amaya
    I'm actually in love w/ Ronan :X...dancers. And be sure to click through to Norm Yip's Asian Male: 1 AM and 2 AM books... I've been plotting to get my hands on those for months now. BTW, do you write fantasy? There aren't many Asian (-american) fantasy/magic genre'd stories out there, but I would love to see some... (and yes, I am working on my own).

  10. There aren't many Asian (-american) fantasy/magic genre'd stories out there, but I would love to see some... (and yes, I am working on my own).

    Me too! Mine is mostly Comic form though, maybe it will be a mix of it.

  11. Thank you ladies, I've formed an idea from your suggestions (I told you they'd have a way of mixing together). It's a dark fantasy about the blur between creativity and madness. I can't help it; I don't like simple subjects.

    However, it will not star Godfrey or Peter. I know, shoot me, but when I envisioned my male protagonist, I saw Rain. Specifically the scenes in Ninja Assassin where he's walking up the stairs with those sunglasses on and exercising in his apartment. Rain's sinuous form lends itself to a unique characterization in a way that hunky Peter and beautiful Godfrey cannot. 'Nuff said.

    That being said, I hope you guys enjoy the result. It'll be a little while before I can start posting.


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