DN again 2... - Chocolotier Update


Remember when I said that I may forsee problems with Chocolatier?

Chocolotier (B) emailed me.

Turns out he tried before but it bounced back because he typed it wrong.

It was all in Korean and I didn't know what it says. Except for the last part, in which I will tell labout later.

Had my friend translate it for me, after painstakingly typing it Korean over on my phone and texting it to her.

I texted him back and said I can read Korean, but I don't understand what I read. So he emailed me again in English.

He tells me in May that he may have the weekends off after being hired full time.

- Main problem was that I live about 2 hours from where he works and I only have the weekends off. He works the weekends at that shop and is off on the weekdays.

He asks when I am going to visit the shop again and how I was doing?

He also asked how my new job is going, but I haven't started that yet and I don't till the 18th of May.

At the end of the message, he is like: I am studying English. You need to study Korean (English Email)

In the Korean one: Everything is in Korean except this one line: And <-- in Korean) You need to learn Korean. I laughed at that line because I can imagine the look on his face as he typed it (scowling at the screen). Other thing - he is willing to come to the town I am in to visit me. Chocolotier went up a notch. Plus it is getting warmer and he is a ameteur body builder. >:)

I will try to get pictures.

Knowing you guys, I BETTER get pictures.

I wonder what he is making me for my birthday... (April 29th)


  1. Yeah you BETTER.

    JK LOL. Is Korean hard to study?

  2. Hell yeah, you better get some pix.

    I'm proud of you, girl.

  3. He's willing to travel to come see you? Sounds very promising to me.

  4. @Modest-goddess
    Nope. Been busy doing homework for Masters and getting ready to move to a new town in the middle of the week.

    No. I was able to read it in a few hours and I can write but I don't understand. If I actually get down and study (most likely after move) I will do much better.

    @Ankh, SIca and everyone else
    I may have a hell of an update for you on Chocolotier after my birthday on Friday.


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