DN Again… - AM/BW Interactions in Korea

Yeah… so, a lot has happened since I last updated on the Narrative.

I got asked to renew my contract at my current school. YAY!

Budget was cut at my current school, so cannot renew. BOO!

My co teacher and my Korean Mama wrote me awesome letters of rec. YAY!

I have new job in another town and I get paid more. YAY!

…. AM/BW front


I don’t remember where or when I met this guy, but he has my number and texts me periodically. He is extremely polite in the texts and knows I workout ever so often.


I met K on the chat thing I told you guys about, I think on my last post where I met a creeper.

K is cool and around my age. Very nice.

Knows all the good hotels – usually points me to the luxury ones if I am not needed in a particular place. My usual place I stay at in Sexy’s neighborhood was full and I didn’t know any other places. K took me to another part of town and showed me a NICE place that cost the same.

I do mean nice. Another part of my blog will be the love hotels and my friend is helping me. Of course on my blog there will be directions and pictures so you know where the heck you are going. Day and night since everything looks different at those times.

Whenever I need a place to stay in a different place, I text K and he tells me where to go.

Funny thing happened, while we were eating dinner. We were at a Korean restaurant eating near the window. Some people looked out of curiosity at us for a sec.

This one dude walked past and did a double take and openly stared for a bit then stared at us in awe. I don’t think I was wearing my glasses at the time and was wearing the contacts and my afro… (or scarf – really don’t remember).

But dude was looking at us like (he actually started walking past, noticed me and took a few steps back to get a better look) “How’d you find her?!” then walked off while staring at me with mouth agape. K and I ignored him after a bit and went to on with the conversation.

He helped me find the place to stay and when we walked in together, he asked the guy how much and everything. The guy told him and when he noticed me, he had the look “Oh, Okay then.”

You know that surprised look when you raise the eyebrows a bit then are like “Alright.” then and smile slightly. I swear he looked slightly disappointed when K left and I went upstairs on my own. I had a long day and was tired.

Next… Some guy who said he was from the group Beast or Big Bang... I forgot. Didn’t believe him and still don’t. Met him at the club, because friends wanted to go to club. I said fine. Got attention from men, even though I wasn’t wearing skimpy clothes, dancing or really drinking.

Cute ones too. He is in my phone.

Next guy, I will call Chocolatier.

I found this place here in Korea that sells delicious Swiss chocolate. When I first walked past I saw nothing but women. I looked back down to admire the chocolate and when I looked up there he was.

I was wearing the afro and contacts at this time, I remember. Well we talked a little and he asked if I had Korean friends. I said I do but they live far away so I don’t see often.

He then asked if HE could be my friend and I agreed. So he gave me his number and took down mine. I had to make it back home and asked the time. He asked where I was going and I said what town, which is far from where I currently was and had to take the express train.

He asked me what time I would catch the train, I replied I didn’t know because I just get in line and just ask for the next one leaving. Chocolatier got on the internet and wrote down the times for me that the train departed toward town from the Seoul Station. I left after I ate the chocolate because I had to catch the train.

I went back a week later with a friend and bought some as a gift for my co-teacher. I texted him before I go there and I guess he texted me back saying see you soon. He came out of the back to greet us and helped me chose more chocolate to try. Dude gave me a discount because what I should have paid was way more considering 2 pieces cost 5 bucks and we had about 6 to 8 plus some more chocolate on the side. He did say next time I come I would get free chocolate.

He even gave us – (me but I let my friend drink it because it had milk in it) a free coffee. He admitted he lost my number and that is why he didn’t call. I told him I texted him he said he knows and he saved my number in his phone. My friend S can speak Korean and asked him if he was married.

He said NO and pointedly looked at me when he said he was single. We are around the same age a couple months difference and he is taller than me. I found out he was training and had dropped the dumbbell on his neck. I told him to be careful. After we left he had texted me later in the week asking if I had time during the week. I only have the weekends off unless it is a holiday.

On another visit he asked if I was married and had kids because he overheard S and I talking about "our kids". Our kids = our students. We explained that to him.

He is an intern at the place he works at and works the weekends and is off during the week. I am too far away to go all the way there all the time and it will drain my energy and money. I went with my other friend K the next weekend or so to buy a wedding gift for J’s sister.

I asked how he was and he said he is better and asked if we ate lunch (we had a snack but said no we didn’t) He bought us lunch and I found out he was an amateur body builder. That would explain why his arms are so built. Even under that sweater and other shirt I can see it.

Nothing has really happened in that area yet, he texts me every so often asking how I am doing and when do I have time off. He texts in Korean so I send it to my friend S who translates for me. He makes an effort to text in English when he can. He knows some English and I barely know Korean.

The one problem I would foresee is communication between us by ourselves. Plus the fact, I am moving further away with the new job. As my friend K suggested, play it by ear and see what happens.

Unknown 2

Random guy on subway the other day was clearly checking me out. I had my backed turned and K was with me because we just met up to go to J’s sister’s wedding. K noticed it because I wasn’t looking that way. I turned around and saw him checking me out periodically. He got embarrassed that he got caught when he noticed K smile about it. He still kept doing it though and he was a cutie.


You guys remember J. LBFAM #1.

Went to his sister’s wedding, I got invited because I bought her a small present. This surprised her because she hasn't got to meet me yet and that her friends gave their congratulations but no present. K and I were both invited. (K understands and speaks Korean -- way more than I) She is also the one who told me John likes me.

He did the hand on the shoulder thing there and when he came over to greet us he talks to both of us but he pointed out certain family members to me. When he introduced me to his friend he put his hand at my waist. I didn't notice but K did.

On another note, I am wondering what J's family does because they had a pretty high level of English. Heck pretty much every quest at that wedding did. One of the older ladies was wearing that Christian Dior makeup -- reapply after eating (I only knew because K told me about it and it is expensive)

I know the other guests had high level because one of the guys -- was a cutie -- took a bottle of soda from our table without saying anything and Christian Dior lady reamed him in Korean and he came back to us - "I'm sorry. Is it OK if I take this?" (Fluent English) Us: Yeah. Him: "Thank you."

Even J's parent's had a high level, I know because it is tradition for the new couple to thank every guest with the parents. The groom had a high level too.

When I stood up to take pictures with the couple, K told me what the others said about me (his parents and relatives).

"Hmmm... She's tall and curvy. She has big hips. She looks sturdy."

Me: Sturdy?

K: Many grand babies.

I asked Mama Nurse about it.

She said in Korea it is good to have big hips.

On another note: J and B (chocolotier guy) can NEVER meet.

- DN


Sorry for any mistakes, I am seriously tired. Plus, I somehow deleted my 3 to 5 page essay that is already late but the teacher is giving me a pass just this once because I emailed before hand. Watching horrible horrible horrible x infinity Dragonball movie because I didn't pay for it and CSI nor NCIS is on right now. I had NO idea how bad it was till now.
...... (watching)


Way to mess up my childhood anime f*ckers.
Not even going to think about Akira. I would most likely physically attack the dude who wrote and approved it.

...Shenlong looked pretty cool, but they could have done better.


  1. "Beast or Big Bang"

    I wonder who that could've been...
    Well we know it wasn't Kikwang or Seungri haha

  2. "Sturdy" "Many grand babies." You don't know how hard I laughed when I saw this! Well, it makes sense. And it's good the grandmother's fond of you :)

  3. You think J would be jealous of B?

    LOL @ MoonB

  4. MoonB - you are hilarious! Fan girls would prefer to forget those "incidents."

    DN - seems like you have many fans in SK. Be careful because your man Jung Jihoon is off to the military this year. Damn, I'm gonna miss that man.

  5. Damn, you get a lot of attention. Get it gurl :)

  6. @ Modest-goddess

    Yep. Maybe.

    @ Lenoxave

    It is only 2 years. Hell, I did 4 years. He could use the break. Sexy deserves it.

  7. On another note: J and B (chocolotier guy) can NEVER meet.

    Like I said: playa.

  8. @ Ankh

    I wasn't trying to do that it kinda happened. I can already forsee some problems with both though.

  9. @MoonB lol am I too assume it wasn't Kikwang or Seungri due to those infamous controversies with those two XD.

  10. What did Kikwang do?


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