Dr. Cornel West Discusses Politics, North Africa, Poverty, and Injustice

(Thanks, Afrospear!)

In keeping with the Narrative tradition of discussing world issues, here is Dr. Cornel West speaking on Aljazeera.


  1. Ok I finally watched it. I admit I tend to shy away from long youtube videos but this was pretty good.

  2. I was already hooked before I realized how long it was.

  3. I'm definitely snagging this to listen to during my free time.

  4. Cornel West does not simply inspire with his intellect, but with the way his words flow. He is passionate and it comes out in everything he says. The guy interviewing him, I just get a weird vibe from, kind of like he know what West is saying is true, but he is indifferent to it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. But I like when he said America is not as special as people make it, which is true the rags to riches story has been played on so much in America it has honestly lost its appeal in my eyes.


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