"Precession." Complete.

In the last episode of "Precession,"

Phaedra made an impromptu visit to Orion's apartment.  They talked about their relationship, and she revealed that CJ didn't trust her.  Orion sensed that Phaedra wanted him to put her in a position so that she could lose the bet they made in episode 10.  He called her on it and she denied it.  Orion told her that she needed to figure out how she was going to deal with CJ.  Phaedra, frustrated and upset, walked out on him.

Part 12:

I sat in my office with my face glued to the computer, and it was probably looking at me more than I was looking at it.  Orion Jr. had gotten into the habit of calling me on the nights he didn’t see me and I looked forward to his calls.  I hadn’t spoken to his mother since she left my apartment, and I was frustrated and angry about all of it.  This was a miasma of both our making, and both of us were too stubborn to do the right thing by everybody.



  1. Wow...how many pages is it now? "Shortie" indeed.

  2. Exactly one hundred pages. I couldn't stop.

  3. Absolutely loved every bit of your story. Gave me something to look forward to reading. The characters really spoke to me I don't think I even needed the pictures (although they were a very nice bonus) hmmm *takes notes*

  4. Thank you very much. I appreciate the support. "Precession" poured out of me like water. The pictures were spur-of-the-moment, and were I proficient in photoshop, I would have spliced pics of Nia and Orion together. I'm just sorry I couldn't get them all into the story.

    Again, thanks!

  5. Wow a hundred pages? Really? Every time I read it I began to hate the scroll bar because it was reaching the bottom too fast. Well done. Thank you for the great read.

  6. I meant Nia and *Rick.* Sorry baby!

    @GoddessMaverick: Yep, 100 pages. I was concerned that each post was too long, but the story is what it is and I couldn't go on until I heard the word STOP. Precession is about 80,000 words, give or take, and it can stand alone as a novel. However, it is not even remotely up to my standards for a novel.

    I'm extraordinarily verbose when I write.

    Thank you for reading and enjoying. I appreciate the support.

  7. Precession is about 80,000 words, give or take, and it can stand alone as a novel. However, it is not even remotely up to my standards for a novel.

    Then make it a novella.

  8. I can't consider "Precession" a novel because it's unresearched. I'd need to know way more about the Japanese yakuza and where Orion falls in it, and how that parlays into his relationship with Phaedra. His first loyalty should be to Boss Ishiguro and not Phaedra and their son, whether he likes it or not. This is significant, and I can't take the story any father until I have a thorough understanding of yakuza structure. I'd also need to decide where all this takes place. Would Phaedra take him back knowing he's a mid-level mob boss? You know, shit like that. My standards are high for my novels simply because I'm so detailed.


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