"Precession," part 10

In the last episode of "Precession..."

Orion brought Quintaz home to find that Phaedra's romantic weekend with CJ didn't take place, and it was because CJ was jealous and unsure of where he stood with Phaedra.  Orion tried to persuade Phaedra to move on from CJ, and although she refused to break things off with him, she could not help succumbing to Orion's advances once more.

Part 10  (Rated NC-17)

It might have taken ten seconds for me to traverse the distance from the kitchen to Phaedra’s bedroom.  I didn’t know because I was too preoccupied with her mouth.  I kicked the door closed with my foot and crossed her room in two long strides.  We sank into the bed, devouring each other and she clawed at my shirt, popping buttons and yanking seams.  I pushed up to remove it and my T-shirt and she pulled off her own.


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