"Precession," part 11

A/N:  We're almost done with this freakin' novel.  So much for the shortie.

In the last episode of Precession...

Orion and Phaedra succumbed to their mutual passion and made love.  Afterwards, Phaedra told him that it was a one-time thing and she was going to marry CJ.  Orion told her that it was only a matter time before she cheated on CJ again.  He then said that if she could stay away from him, he would leave her alone and be in full support of her marrying CJ.  But if she could not, then she would have to break up with him to be with Orion.  Phaedra reluctantly agreed.

Part 11:

It was May, and the weather was glorious.  Business was booming and I spent as much time with Orion Jr. as my schedule allowed me.  I focused on my work and my son.  Inasmuch as I could, I kept my distance from Phaedra.


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