"Precession," part 5

In the last episode of "Precession," Orion and Phaedra worked out a visitation schedule and Orion told his girlfriend, Nysha, that he intended to be a part of his son's life.  Nysha, unaware that her beau had a child, got upset and told Orion that she didn't want to be a stepmother to his son, and that she didn't want to give him up.  She also voiced her suspicion that Orion's intentions were not only to get back with his son, but also his son's mother.  Orion, contemplating the chances of winning Phaedra back, told Nysha he didn't want her anywhere around his kid.

Part 5:  When I showed up at Phaedra’s house for my regular Friday night visit, CJ answered the door. He was the same height as I was, and a relatively handsome guy. He was not happy to see me at the door, holding a bag for Orion Jr.


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