"Precession," part 6

In the last episode of "Precession..."

Orion met CJ, Phaedra's new boyfriend, and Quintaz asks him to stay to dinner.  Orion agreed after Phaedra said it was okay, which pissed off CJ, who then left them alone in the apartment.  Phaedra revealed that CJ is jealous because he knew all the details of her relationship with Orion, and Orion discovered that Phaedra still had feelings for him, even though she is adamant that she is in love with CJ.

Part 6:  I wanted Phaedra to see where I lived.  We had been discussing the possibility of Orion Jr. spending weekends with me, and she absolutely refused to do it until she got a look at my place.  I offered to pick her up from work and take her to my apartment after making sure that Nysha wouldn’t be around.  She reluctantly agreed, and I picked her up in the Range Rover.


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