"Precession," Part 7

In the last episode of "Precession..."

Orion brought Phaedra to his apartment in preparation for their son's first visit.  There, Phaedra expressed her reasons for not naming Quintaz Orion Jr., as they had planned.  Orion begged for Phaedra's forgiveness, and that she take him back.  The intensity of the moment led them to kiss, where Orion realized that Phaedra was still in love with him.

Part 7:

I wanted to break it to her easy, so I had Jade’s master chef prepare a quiet dinner for us, and had my housekeeper decorate the dining nook with candles and low lights.  Nysha and I had been on the outs for a few weeks, and there was no point in dragging it out. I was already wondering if she had found another man; someone who wanted to be with her in the ways I no longer wanted to be. Truth be told, I didn’t care.



  1. This is really flowing, isn't it? I want to read all of it in one sitting. I'd be crazy if I had to wait for the next part. Keep it coming!

  2. Hey!

    Yeah, it was. I was obsessed.


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