"Precession," part 8

Previously, on "Precession..."

Orion broke up with Nysha over dinner, and she expressed her belief that he was messing around with the mother of his child.  Unperturbed by Nysha's outburst, Orion calmly informed her that he would continue to take care of her for two more months until she found another man.  After Nysha stormed out of their apartment, Orion recalled the kiss he and Phaedra shared and the resultant conversation.  Phaedra told him that it was a mistake and it would never happen again.

Part 8:

Orion Jr. loved his room.  He was ecstatic over all of his new toys and video games and books.  Phaedra watched him run around laughing and shouting out the names of things he was most impressed with.  I stood next to her, thinking about how much I liked having a family, and how much I wanted us to be together.


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