"Precession," part 9

Previously, on "Precession..."

Phaedra let Quintaz have his first weekend visit with Orion.  While their son got acquainted with his new bedroom, they discussed their illicit kiss.  Phaedra assured Orion that it wouldn't happen again and she was going to marry CJ.  Later, Orion had a chat with Quintaz, who revealed that CJ and Phaedra argue about Orion.  Quintaz told his father that CJ believes Phaedra is still in love with him, and that he wanted them to live together as a family.

Part 9:

When I brought Orion Jr. home, I expected to see Phaedra huddled up with CJ, dirty dishes in the sink, rose petals and blankets on the floor, candles burnt low, residual music emanating from the speakers…any evidence that they spent the weekend fucking each other’s brains out.  I mean, that was what it would have been like if it were us having a weekend of makeup sex.


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