This is a BW/AM Blog

Vlogger Kenny Woo once said BW/AM and BM/AW are not the same thing.  Just like BW/AW and BM/AM are not the same thing (and how come we don't see more blogs like that?).  In other words, we're not interchangeable and so lumping our thoughts, observations, and experiences together would actually be a disservice to each group.

What's so special about the BW/AM pairing is how unexpectedly similar the two groups are.  This is the primary uniting force; the catalyst, if you will.  In terms of social experiences, educational levels, media representation, and even familial expectations, black women and Asian men living in America are finding that they're similar in ways no one could've foreseen.  Perhaps this is why some people are baffled and disbelieving of BW/AM: we...really didn't see that one coming.  Taking history and culture into account, some folks are still scratching their heads as to why it even makes sense, because for all intents and purposes, it probably shouldn't.

If you view BW/AM from a global perspective, you will find that international politics, history, economics, and culture become vastly important variables, particularly where Sino-African relations are concerned.  We're talking about a relationship which predates the ascent and involvement of the West.  One might still argue that we needn't focus on just BW/AM at that point, but here's where things get even more interesting.  In China in particular, men outnumber women.  In many African nations, women outnumber men.  Most of the Asians moving into Africa and putting down roots are male.  So even at the global level, the potential of BW/AM is still a fascinating sociological phenomenon.

Keep in mind that roughly 60% of the human species is Asian, and by 2050, one-third of the human race is expected to call Sub-Saharan Africa home.  Anyone with even the slightest interest in sociology has to wonder about the future of those demographics and how they will impact our world.

While some of our readers/writers are here because they like black women or like Asian men, many of us are here because we are learning.  And while we do enjoy our arts and entertainment here at the Narrative, we never forget the main reason we're here: empowerment.  And nothing's more empowering than knowledge.

So this is a BW/AM blog - end of story.  We at the Narrative encourage, support, and respect the other combinations.  We are not deliberately attempting to alienate other combinations.  But another thing Black women and Asian men have common is that we're used to other folks not having our backs.  We're used to being on our own and, ironically, we're used to being alienated.  So for some of us, this is our little corner of the net, and it is what it is.