We Don't "Worship" Asian Men Here

It seems that I'm just going to have to keep writing posts which state the goddamn obvious because I'm seeing (and some cases, deleting) comments on here where people want to brand our authors as fetishists or delusional or clueless or what have you.  So once more, I need to clear the air on some things.

This is not a hook-up siteWe've already been over this.  Hell, read the damn mission statement again:
The Blasian Narrative is dedicated to exploring (whether academically, casually, or creatively) the world of black women and Asian men, to help make up for our glaring absence and/or misrepresentation in mainstream media. For the same reason, we also welcome various indigenous men (Native American, Polynesian, etc.) to the Narrative.
Exactly what part of this are certain folks having trouble with?

Now...I will be the first to admit I enjoy eating some cookies, but I'm also the first to remind people - whether by comment or direct email - to make their work educational or creative somehow.  People can say what they want: our educational posts are top notch where Blasians are concerned, and I dare other people to rise up, create more blogs (not just videos), and do better, rather than sit back in armchairs and complain.

Before you pick at us, ask yourself...what are you doing to promote Blasian unity?

Because the unwillingness to get up and do something is precisely why movements fail.  Nitpicking and whining is neither clever nor productive.  And if you're not even interested in Blasian unity...um, go away already.

We are aware of Asian racism towards blacks.  No...fucking...shit.  Hop on over to Advanced Blasian Studies; you'll see just how well aware we are.  One of our goals here is to examine and analyze racism in order to help debunk its hold over people.  That's how progress is made.  If you're not interested in progress, that's your problem.  Take it somewhere else.

Black people don't worship Asians.  I don't even know how some readers are coming to this mythical conclusion from reading our posts.  No wonder these comments often wind up in the spam blocker; it's like our blog just knows and rolls it eyes whenever people submit that bullshit.  Surprise, surprise, kids - we're also well aware of black racism against Asians and how here in America it sometimes even gets violent.

We have a Pan-POC Perspective.  This means we admire all peoples of color and empathize with their struggles.  We understand our cultural and historical similarities.  Their pain is our pain; we hear them, we feel them.  So if you distrust blacks or Asians, for example, then is obviously isn't the site for you.  Take your hate, your hubris, and your ignorance somewhere else.  We're not interested in going backwards; we're headed forwards.  Hop on the train, or get off the tracks.  This is the 21st Century.  A few decades from now, we'll be the ones saying, "Told you."

Lose the condescension.  Many of our Narrators are actually involved in Blasian relationships.  Some of our commenters are Blasian themselves, as in one Asian and one black parent.  Our own author Hateya has been in a successful 16-year marriage with her husband, while residing in Japan.  Authors DN and, up until recently, Bcbgrl33 have regaled their dating tales in South Korea.  More of our authors are already plotting their trips abroad.  You need only look right to see our list of friendly Blasian neighbors; some of them are black women enjoying life in Asia.  So before you come on here scornfully talking about fantasies and pipe dreams, know the people whom you're talking to.

This is growing.  It may be rare now, but that's only temporary, and for all these snot-nosed cynics who feel the need to come here and seek attention, I think the inevitable growth is what bothers them the most.

Nobody asked you.  So newcomers can understand once and for all what kind of Asian man the Narrative actually is interested in, I leave you with a quote from an Asian male blogger:
...You know who's really running this? Do you really wanna know who the true stallions are, pushing the Asian men towards the spotlight?

Black Women.

Oh Black Women, how I adore thee! ...I honestly cannot express how thankful I am to the Black Women who have been making Youtube Videos, posting on forums, writing blogs, and supporting the Facebook groups that are dedicated towards Asian men and AMBWs. And unlike the White Girls that I explained above, the Black Women that I’ve met have been sooo goddamn humble, time and time again.

Even the RIDICULOUSLY HOT Black Women are down to earth. They talk with an open mind, and there’s hardly a spec of cockyness in sight. I mean, I have talked to some GORGEOUS black women who have every right to push their hands in my face and say “Eww bitch! I’m too sexy for you!” but yet, they’re willing to converse, befriend, and even flirt with some of the most average, shy, and nerdy Asian guys.

And that, my friends, not only speaks volumes on behalf of Black Women, but it instills a sense of hope for humans in general. In our society, those who are perceived as “gorgeous” (by the media’s standards) are often believed to be above the status quo. There’s this ideology that if you’re beautiful, you’re better than everyone and have no need to talk to us normal looking folks. Yes, I’m sure there are cocky black women out there who are like this, but based off the ones I’ve met and the ones in support of AMBW, I gotta say… they’re in a completely different stratosphere.


  1. I think it's time to start calling motherfuckers out.

  2. Oh this was better than coffee in the morning. I hope they get the wake-up call. Beautiful dear.

  3. I agree you should just start calling people out. You can explain the purpose of this site all you want, but the people this post is aimed at won't read it. Put them on full blast.

  4. It's very sad that you have to keep reiterating these points, but maybe THIS time, more of the mofos who are sayin dumb ish will finally UNDERSTAND what we're all about here.

  5. I guess this just means that this group is growing and becoming more popular. Hopefully as this grows more people will become receptive and understanding about the situation (as in the meaning of the BN) instead of saying that this doesn't belong here and whatnot.

  6. You know you are doing something right when ppl starting making lame duck comments like that. As far as I know respect, solidarity & admiration does not equal idolatry.

    We're grown women here with varied interests and lives of our own. Stop being ridiculous whoever you are. Just stop.

  7. Considering that I found two separate blogs on BWAM just last week, so much for this being a 'pipe dream'. This pairing may be rare in the States (so far), but it's common where I'm from. I'm friends with too many Blasians (the majority of whom were born to parents in stable, loving marriages) for it to be a fluke.

    Sorry, haters.

  8. @ leoprincess

    Considering that I found two separate blogs on BWAM just last week, so much for this being a 'pipe dream'.

    Links, please!

  9. You can explain the purpose of this site all you want, but the people this post is aimed at won't read it.

    True. Most of this is just about venting.

    I understand cynics with racial trust issues coming on here - I get where they're coming from. The thing is, we're not them. We see things differently.

  10. for those who may be like me ... I don't worship etc asian men ... all I know is I am exclusively attracted to tall Korean men, therefore they are all I have ever dated and my current bf is Korean ... being brought up as the Princess in my Fathers eyes, I don't feel the need to apologize ... it's just what I Like :)


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