DN in Korea

Friday was my birthday. If you read my blog then you will know what went on that day.

Here is the part I left out. I have family that go there sometimes or will eventually when they remember.

Just in case...

I met B at midnight. He had work than an interview and texted me to see if it was okay to meet at that time.

My present was a gift box of many pieces of the slabs of DELICIOUS chocolate from that Swiss chocolate store. I ate 2 of the pieces yesterday and not the others because they have nuts in them which I don't like. I won't tell him that though. A couple of mandarines and a cute little card where he drew a picture and a cake saying, "Happy Birthday to U!"

Well, it was pouring down rain by the time we saw each other and we went back to my hotel. Both of us were soaked pretty much even with the umbrellas. He lived in a different town and the subways shut down around 12, and the people were out.

He took a shower at my hotel and sat around in a towel only at first, but then he found the robes.

I took a shower after because I was soaked with rain up to my knees, and my socks were wet and I refused to get sick.

While I took a shower, he was messing with the computer so we could watch a movie.

I never knew the computer was hooked up to the flat screen TV. When I was done he had the robe on and watched me do the stuff I usually do before I go to bed.

The look on his face was funny when he saw me pull all the lotions and stuff out my bag. I explained them to him: hair, hair, face, body,.... hair.

I had plans to do stuff to my hair but changed my mind.

He told me to hurry up and patted the bed becaue I was taking too long.

(Before you go there, the room is small and has a bed, a desk that has the computer and TV along with some toiletries on it and a table with 2 chairs. It is a square and the bathroom with shower is at the enterance of the room outside the room between both doors.)

I put my satin cap on my head out of habit and he started chuckling.

Me: What?

B (motioned toward cap): Cutie. (He meant Cute)

I was wearing my cap, a spaghetti strap shirt and my yoga pants (I don't do yoga, I like the way they fit)

The lights were turned off and the movie was about to play Inception (AWESOME! - love the music and its the reason I will watch it repeatedly).

I asked him straight out what his intentions were. We had to go to the Korean English dictionary on the computer to figure out the meaning to what he understood. He said to watch movie.

He didn't understand.

Me: Are you my boyfriend or are we hanging out?

B:... hanging out? You want to hang out?  (This has different meaning in Korea) Okay.

He started tugging my hand toward him and made the motion for me to lay down, and asked if I had condoms. (He had his own and other hotels I stayed at provided them in the room or in the pack they give you when you check in. More on that in other blog.)

Me: Huh? wait, wait... We never even kissed.

B: Okay, let's kiss.

That totally got me blushing...(Shut up it has been 9 years since I last kissed a guy).

We talked some more.  It has been 3 years since his last girlfriend, 9 years since my last boyfriend, and he is the first guy for me to be in bed with (He said "I'm first? Thank you." When I told him this, I got no "I don't believe you crap" I get from other guys (fuckers). Many points for him, which probably made me less nervous about being in bed with him.

We fooled around a bit. He likes to use his teeth. Found out I bite back.

We didn't go all the way because he was worried about hurting me, as well as his English and if he gets the new job or not.

Much fooling around though, to answer Ankh's question (mailed her while he was in the shower a few times. Hoped she wasn't drinking or eating anything because I am sure she may have choked a little from shock when I emailed her back. Sorry Ankh ^__^).

Next morning, we were talking some more and he apologized but I told him not to worry. Not going to happen if you have too much on your mind.

We do have some communication issues, but he is studying English at home and I am "studying" Korean... I seriously dislike studying.

He saw my book on learning Korean and went through it.

B: AH, It's all clean. Clean!

Me:.. I know...

B: YOU need to study.

Me: ...okay.

B: Soon I will ask you in English and you have to answer in Korean.

Me: *Smile*

We got coffee because he said the coffee at the hotel wasn't delicious. They brought breakfast up to us in the morning at 10. I ordered it last night.

We went to Starbucks in the mall near the hotel.

He paid for the coffee and we sat next to the window in the mall.

People glanced at us but no one stared.

Me: I want a picture of you.

B: No no. not now. My hair is a mess and I am too shy (his hair was fine and he used to model, I saw the pics)

Me: Next time?

B: Yes.

When he was talking about his hair I reached up an ran my finger through it a few times. I told him it was fine. A Korean couple saw me ( the girlfriend) and she just smiled. I happen to look over when they passed by and we locked eyes and she smiled at how we were together.

I think it is how you portray yourself when you are together that deteremines how they perceive you. I'm not sure. We were in the mall at this time. I will update that as it goes along.

I have a cross post for you but later...

Do you guys still want me to update you on my happenings in Korea?

- DN


  1. This website is beautiful. Reading this, I could imagine all the posts on this site being a film, or a documentary. Personally, I'd LOVE if you continued with your experiences in Korea. You, and the many other black women teaching English in Asia, have inspired me, greatly.

    Thank you, DN!

  2. And Happy Belated Birthday DN!!! <3

  3. Happy Birthday and Congrats on breaking a 9 year streak!!

  4. Happy Birthday, DN. My jaw is still on the floor.

    Nine years, huh? Wooooooooooow....

  5. I didn't even notice it was that long ago.

  6. Thank you for the Birthday messages! Gotta go to work!

  7. Damnnnnnnnnnn Girl! Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy birthday, DN! Many more happies...

    Shit, I thought *I* was bad at six years. And yes, it's deliberate. But you are faaaaaaaaaaaar ahead of the game than I am now...wow! Wow! Please keep sharing your experiences! They're like cookie crumbs.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, DN!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Thanks for sharing all your adventures. I have to let you know that reading your posts (as well as the whole content of the Blasian Narrative) has inspired me and gave me the courage to take a chance. Never thought it would be possible, but I can now say that I'm in a Blasian relationship with a wonderful guy ^^

    Please keep up what you're doing, you guys (DN, Ankh, Cinnamon, Eccentric Yoruba, Amaya, Hateya...) inspire me everyday.

  11. Argh! I have been missing out! Classes are killing me anyway Happy Belated Birthday! Many Blessings to you.

  12. Yes Please continue posting!

  13. Anonymous, leave a name, please.


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