Harry Kim and Rinna – Star Trek: Voyager Screencaps

I know this is probably considered sacrilege in some fandom circles, but I actually enjoyed Voyager more than DS9 back in the day.  (I know--gasp!)  While DS9 was certainly a great show, and I loved me some Captain Ben Sisko, I just really enjoyed the traveling-around-in-a-starship aspect of the Star Trek universe more than the crew being stationary in a space station (but that's just me and my nerdy little hang-up).

I took the long way around to say that as a huge Voyager fan, Harry Kim was my third favorite character (the first being Tuvok and the second Chakotay).  And although I wish they would have fleshed out his character a tiny bit more (they did a pretty decent job of it), I will say that the the showrunners and writers for Voyager actually allowed Harry to buck against the sexless Asian male stereotype on more than one occasion.  (Though I have to say, he had that whole "Gee whiz, I wish I wasn't so shy around girls and was as manly as you, Tom Paris" thing going on at first that used to get on my nerves.)

In "Favorite Son", fans saw Harry turn on the sex-appeal, lock lips with some sexy women-folk and be a bad-ass Starfleet officer all in the same episode. 

Who could ask for more?

Well, we got more in the form of the lovely Kelli Kirkland. She played Rinna, one of the Taresian women who caught Harry's eye. The other chick (who shall remain nameless) was also all up on that, but who cares?  It was all about Harry and Rinna for this fangirl.

Now of course, the episode didn't end with a "happily ever after", but this is Star Trek, after all. What're ya gonna do?

Hey, at least we got to revel in the pretty for damn near an hour. I'm certainly not complaining.

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Note:  The picture above the jump isn't mine.


  1. Tuvok was my one true love; however, Harry had some great moments. Admittedly, I might have slightly discriminated against him because he was an ensign though. Garrett Wang is another story. *no saddle required*

  2. OMG - you did it!!! You actually did it!!!

    You are officially a goddess!

  3. cookies! they look great together

  4. Forget Harry Kim, or Garrett Wang. Rinna. or Kelli Kirkland was the most beautiful African American Alien since DS9's Fenna. I loved that unlike many characters she didn't have to show much to tell all.

  5. DS9's Fenna.

    Mind reader. Fenna's on my list.


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