Interview with Hayat Ali ~ an Excerpt

Hayat Ali is an author who's steadily amassing a cult following.  On Amazon.com, her fans abound.  I had the privilege of completing this interview with her on May 13, 2011.

Moi: The Alpha Promise has really good reviews on Amazon. I’m in awe of its popularity. For those of us who haven’t read it yet, could you give us some background information?

HA: The Alpha Promise was originally published as a short story called "Mating Season." I later revamped and expanded the story into the current book.

The Alpha Promise is about the political consequences of the most powerful vampire in the world mating with a human.

Adina saves the life of the High Prince of vampires, Jin. After saving his life, he protects her from forces out to kill them both. Later after securing her, he finds that she is in further danger, as a consequence of their mating. This forces him to confront the buried history of vampires in order to save her again.

The Alpha Promise has been characterized as a Blasian novel on the Narrative. This is how I “met” you. Do you consider the novel Blasian? If so, what made you go that route?

Its not primarily a Blasian novel in that its not focused on the race of the characters even though Jin is asian/british and Adina is black. Its more about the struggle of power and what makes someone who they are. A play on the one drop rule. How much blood of a different kind makes you less of my kind. Who gets to define the line. The Alpha Promise through a series of events focuses characters who have to face those issues. Further it explores how those issues are resolved will dictate who gets in power.

However, I did deliberately choose the main characters race because I wanted a black female lead because it so rare in sci fi as is an asian male. People of color in generally don't get a decent reflection in sci-fi/fantasy. Its getting better but as lead characters no. I get tired of not seeing myself and my friends reflected in my favorite genre. So when I write I do deliberately make my main characters of color.

Read the full interview At the Bar.

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